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Children's VHS Tapes For Sale

All VHS Tapes listed play well, most are in excellent shape, with slight wear on the corners of the cases, unless otherwise noted. When responding, please indicate preferred shipping method. (Buyer pays shipping charges.) Multiple purchases eligible for discount - Email for details.

I would love to see these go to a good home. Movies are located in Sonora, Ca. If you can pick them up, we can negotiate and you save shipping charges. No reasonable offer refused.

Watch Bibleman

Purchase the entire set for $29.97 (includes media rate shipping)

Watch the Chronicles of Narnia

Purchase the entire set for $24.97

If you have not watched the BBC's version of the Chronicles of Narnia, you are really missing out. Yes, the graphics in the new Disney version are terrific, but the storyline was choppy at best, the characters were undeveloped and life-less. This set is one of our very favorite movies. We paid over $100 for this set of VHS tapes. Curl-up on the couch for the weekend with the family. Get the entire set on DVD. Appropriate for children over 8 and their parents.

Big Idea Videos

Purchase the entire set for $7.97

My son was a huge fan of Larryboy (this is only part of his collection). These clever stories teach Biblical truths in a kid-friendly way that builds on the lessons you teach your children on a daily-basis. Be sure to visit Big Idea online for games, videos and fun. Most episodes deal with certain character traits. Appropriate for children 6 to 12.

Kids Favorite: McGee and Me!

Purchase the entire set for $19.97

Videos for Kids and Family Viewing

Get The NeverEnding Story

Purchase the entire set for $9.97 (includes media rate shipping)

Get Beethoven on VHS

Purchase the entire set for $9.97 (includes media rate shipping)

Get Air Bud

Purchase the entire set for $9.97

Watch Soccer Dog

Purchase both for $1.47

Watch The Lion King

Purchase all three for $24.97

Get Veggie Tales

Purchase all 8 for $24.97 (includes media rate shipping)

Watch the Olsen Twins

Purchase all four for $7.97

Why are these video's for sale? We've replaced them with DVD's or we aren't interested in storing them any longer.

Additional Items

Payment methods: Check, Money Order and Paypal accepted. You specify shipping method. Videos will ship once payment has cleared.

Updated: December 13, 2011

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