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Homeschooling: True Stories

To share your homeschooling tips, humorous stories or the pitfalls and follies your family has experienced, with homeschoolers just beginning their journey E-Mail Annette M. Hall.

Back-to-School? Maybe Not

The dog days of summer are here, soon fall will be upon us and yet another school year has begun. Not everyone participates in the annual back-to-school frenzy. Today more and more families turn to homeschooling, which means different things to different families.

Homeschoolers choose to do so for various reasons... September 15, 2004

Exploring the Local Terrain

Recently, California Homeschool Network had planned their semi-annual camping trip; the destination was Calaveras Big Trees State Park. We were to gather for a five-day outing in the great-outdoors. I was instructed to scope out the local area for possible day trips.

What we found at the bottom of the trail was incredible... September 15, 2004

Pink Floyd - "The Wall"

Has anyone ever seen the Pink Floyd Video "The Wall" more so the song "We don't need no Education." For those who have not, I find it a big boost towards why people like us Homeschool.

Holly responds to the question of standardized education... January 10, 2003

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Starting Out: The Big Decision

I've been a homeschool advocate for twenty-years now. Some how it doesn't seem possible that I'm that old or that I have children a quarter of a century old. Saying it that way makes it even worse.

Annette gives an account of the beginning of her families journey into homeschooling... December 5, 2003

Starting Out: Video Addiction

Help! My son only wants to play video games. He is trying to make contact with some friends but plans keep falling through so most of the time he is just home watching TV or playing videos. What do I do?

Mia responds to a frustrated parent on a homeschooling e-group... December 4, 2003

Starting Out: Deschooling

I began homeschooling my dd [darling daughter] for 5th grade. I pulled her out of a private school that she had attended since Kindergarten.

JoJo shares about transit from private school to homeschool... November 16, 2003

Starting Out: Decompession Time

My children were 9 & 10 when I pulled them out of public school. I think it took a good 6 months to decompress... but maybe a full 1-2 years before we started realizing the full benefits of homeschooling.

Heather tells her beginning homeschool story... November 16, 2003

School-At-Home: Starting Out

We have been homeschooling for just under a year. Our children (ages 10 and 11) did not fit well into the local school system. After years of fighting with them, and a parent/teacher conference where my son's homeroom teacher announced that he would fail 5th grade because he kept forgetting his pencil we decided that enough was enough. We gave them about two months of free time and then ploughed ahead. November 02, 2003

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Homeschoolers In Action
The Gift of Giving

Our prayers go out to the families who's lives have been touched by the recent California fire's.

Kristen and Amy, high school chums, are homeschooling their children together.

Both Kristen's children and and Amy's child gave up most of their Halloween fun to participate in lending a hand to fire victims...with never one word of complaint.

Amy shares the story... November 02, 2003

Gracious Recipient Gives Thanks

Mary a homeschool mom from Lake Arrowhead and evacuated to Oceanside tells her story. "I made the trek up to the shelter yesterday and I have to tell you that it was a very emotional day to see how something that monumental can be organized in less than a week!"

It was really something to see all the volunteers... November 02, 2003

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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