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Virtual Geography -- Take a Virtual Vacation

With the hectic lives we all lead today, sometimes a vacation is just the ticket. But what do you do when you simply can't get away? You know how it goes, either you have the time for a vacation, or you have the money for one, it's a rare occasion, when you have both at the same time.

Now you can get away to your own private little beach hide-away, or scale the highest mountain peak, all from the comfort of home. Try one of these virtual trips. Why stay home bored when you can take an exotic vacation for the mind?

These links are the best of the best. I've search high and low for virtual tours that offer spectacular views and I'm not talking simply 360 degree photo's, though I have included a few exceptional ones. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, these sites speak volumes.

Virtual Reality Resources

Virtual Reality is a growing field of technology that fascinates and entertains users for hours. The sites below are for the serious investigator of VR and for those who simply enjoy playing with new toys. If you or your child have an intense interest in learning more about this growing technology, these sites will provide you answers to questions you didn't know you had.

Bio Motion Lab
The Biomotion Lab project of Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany, provides an amazing analysis of the description and synthesis of animate motion patterns. Using computer models to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the information transmitted through biological motion, its perception and underlying neuronal mechanisms. In other words, you can make stick figures come to life with the click of a button. [Suitable for teens.]

Soda Constructor
If making stick figures motivate was cool, this will blow your mind. Look at the fluid, lifelike way these creatures walk and roll and slink across the screen you might think that there must be some very complicated stuff going on behind the scenes. Fear not, it's actually very simple. It only looks complicated because lots of simple bits are working together. [5+.]

Virtual Polyhedra
This site is a free self-contained easy-to-explore tutorial, reference work, and object library for people interested in polyhedra. Polyhedra have an enormous aesthetic appeal and the subject is fun and easy to learn on one's own. [Suitable for teens.]

Active Worlds
Active Worlds Virtual Reality experience, lets you visit and chat in incredible 3D worlds that are built by other users. Think you have what it takes to build your own world or Virtual Reality game? You can create fascinating 3D worlds that others can visit and chat in. [Parental Supervision Advised.]

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