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Can Faith Help You Achieve Financial Freedom?

As we struggle to make ends meet, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul all the while watching the price at the pumps climb higher and higher, there comes a time when I think we all stop and say, there just has to be a better way. Don't lose heart; at one time or another we have all been there. Carla J. Cargle shares her insight on how you can cut the cycle and achieve the financial freedom you've always longed for.

The Holy Spirit Can Help Change Your Mindset on Wealth

When it comes to their finances, Americans have become alarmingly dysfunctional the past several years. In fact, the personal savings rate in the U.S. is the lowest it has been in 73 years. To make matters even worse, credit card debt is at an all-time high, with an average of $9,312 per household.

With 90 percent of Americans claiming to be worried about their retirement, you'd think that people would be more focused on saving money, but the numbers don't seem to reflect this. In these difficult financial times, our search for answers doesn't always point us in God's direction. Perhaps it is time to re-think our financial situation in terms of our faith.

Financial Tips

"As we grow in our understanding of who we are in Christ, we learn that the Holy Spirit operating in our lives is what makes a difference in our ability to live a successful Christian lifestyle," says Carla J. Cargle, noted financial expert and author of the new book, The Financial Humble, Wise and Wealthy Living (Wealth Builders Publishing, 2006). "Naturally, we begin to incorporate the Holy Spirit into our relationships with family, friends, colleagues and those persons around us. Though how often do we think to incorporate the Holy Spirit into the relationship we share with our money? Will your money trail reflect how much you love God or will it reveal selfishness?"

Changing your mindset

Cargle advises people that they need to change their mindset if they want to start taking strides toward financial freedom. "Changing your mindset is the first step toward financial freedom and economic independence," says Cargle. "A person's mindset determines their future. A poverty mindset reaps poverty, but a wealthy mindset reaps wealth."

Cargle is determined to change the mindset of consumption and poverty within the United States. She's dismayed by America's lack of financial discipline and it's increasing focus on material things. She encourages people to focus on faith instead of materialism and wealth. "Wealth is not wearable or drivable," says Cargle. "Wealth is not in your money, wealth is in your mind and soul. It's measured by what you own, not what you earn."

While most financial advisors want you to believe that their finances are perfect, Cargle is not ashamed to admit that she's experienced financial challenges of her own. Cargle particularly understands the bumpy path to economic independence because she has actually been there. Her advice stems from her own experiences. She has lived from paycheck to paycheck and has even been unemployed and incapable of finding food, clothing, and shelter for herself.

Apply basic financial principles

By applying her faith and basic financial principles to her life, Cargle was able to go from poverty to prosperity. Now approaching her 15th year as a financial advisor, she shares her vast knowledge on wealth transformation to audiences and readers all over the country. She educates her audiences about the intricacies of creating wealth and how to build and protect it for generations to come.

In her book, during her speaking engagements, and throughout her financial empowerment program, The Financial Truth, Cargle emphasizes that the responsibility of ending the cycle of financial destruction begins with the individual. "The road to wealth truly does begin with you," she says. "Becoming wealthy is within your power. The Financial Truth will set you free."

Through the application of sound and practical advice, Cargle wants to lead you out of debt and put you on your journey towards wealth and financial freedom. "Just remember that wealth must manifest itself with your mind before it can exist in the tangible," she says. "Don't allow society to make you believe that wealth is only about being a multimillionaire or billionaire."

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