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While traveling around the country last year, I began to realize that the best paid jobs and one of the fastest growing employment sectors is government employment. With today's job market it truely is hard to beat the pay scale and benefits offered by state and federal government employment. These resources will assist you in your search for gainful employment in that arena.

United States Federal Government Employment

Federal Daily

News and resources for federal and postal employees. Career and employment information and tips available. Free Daily Newsletter, sign up today. This site has a wealth of information for those currently working in a federal position or someone considering making the leap.

Federal Job Net - Employment Opportunities

Federal Agency Listings & Contact Information - CIA - Central Intelligence Agency - Federal Jobs (Various Agencies) - Federal Air Marshals (Now Hiring) - Airport Security Screeners

Federal Job Search

Federal Job Search captures your custom job search profile online and matches it daily against our database of 26,363 U.S. federal government job openings all across the U.S. and around the world.

HRS Federal Job Search & Email Delivery System

Get a free service trial for 7 days. Includes Free Tips on applying for Federal Jobs.

Federal Soup

A place to share, debate, discuss. Join thousands of federal and postal employees in an online discussion community. If you are considering making the move to federal employment, joining an online discuss group is a great way to network and see what it's like from the inside before you make a monumental career decision.

U.S. Government Federal Job Search - by location - much more

Government Employment Fact Book

U.S. Government Employment Data

Each listing on the web site includes: a description of the position title, job requirements (education, special skills, etc.), duties/responsibilities, salary if given, closing date, name of agency and any other information pertinent to the position and job applicant.

Safety Net

A Federal Employee Survival Guide - Many resources for federal employees and those interested in federal career opportunities. Career and employment information and tips available. A Shared, One-Stop Information Source for the Safety & Health Community of the Department of the Interior

The US Census Bureau - State Government Employment and Payroll Data

The state government employment and payroll data contain summary information on the number of employees and gross payrolls by governmental function for each of the fifty state governments.

USAJOBS - United States Office of Personnel Management

Government employment information - includes links to government info. Create a resume, job search tools and veteran employment assistance.

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State of California Employment

California State Job Openings

California State Civil Service Jobs and Employment Information - Listed by Title


Post your resume - Search by area - Submit your resume directly to employers, includes Employer information

City & County Government Jobs

San Francisco-Oakland-Bay Area, California - Careers in local government offer competitive salaries, generous benefits, promotional opportunities, and job security.

California Department of General Services

Government Employment Site

California Labor Market Info - Career Center

California - Labor Market info

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State of Maryland Employment

Maryland Department of Budget and Management

Current Job Openings for the state of Maryland, Employment links for other state agencies, Maryland Employment Center and IT Job contacts and selection process.

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State of Michigan Employment

Michigan Department of Civil Service

State of Michigan Vacancy Postings, Employment Information, Career Planning Services and State of Michigan Workforce Reports

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State of Pennsylvania Employment

Pennsylvania Civil Service Job Bank

Current Job Openings for the state of Pennyslvania, Employment links for other state agencies, Pennsylvania employment listings and application proceedures, computerized testing center, veteran's preferences and more...

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Police Employment Opportunities

Go Law Enforcement

Go Law Enforcement, provides listings of hundreds of local, state, and federal law enforcement job openings. Also provided is career guidance information on the different types of law enforcement occupations. All information is provided at no cost.

Police Employment

Your source for law enforcement jobs. Career Information and Job Openings Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement. Federal law enforcement test and Law enforcement test with interview questions, written and oral test samples.

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Employment Opportunities Around the World

Canada: Jobs GC.CA

Canadian Government. The Public Service Commission of Canada has created this resource for those seeking employment. The site seems geared toward those seeking student positions within the federal government, though many other tools are available.

The Canada Border Services Agency has begun recruitment for the 2005 Student Customs Officer Training Program. [Apply]

United Kingdom: Civil Service Recruitment Gateway

It's vital work - and today's Civil Service is an increasingly streamlined, multi-million pound business where 500,000 motivated people impact on every aspect of life in Britain. This site will give you an overview of what we do and the vast career opportunities that are open to you. You will find national requirements, employment vacancies and more...

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