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MIKOS Instant Greek Hot Dog Sauce

Instant Greek Hot Dog Sauce

MIKOS Greek Hot Dog Sauce

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Review by Annette M. Hall

Great Mix of Flavors

"While it's not the same taste I've grown accustomed to, this sauce was quite tasty. Not spicy, but a great mix of flavors. Definitely something I'd have again. The best part? My wife didn't have to spend 2 hours preparing it, or wait several hours for a frozen bag to thaw before re-cooking the sauce for coney's."
~Shawn K. Hall

"It was Great!"

I was contacted recently by a representative of Mikos Greek Specialties with a simple request. "Please try our ready made coney dog sauce and let me know what you think." Easy enough.

I have to tell you I was skeptical from the start and when the package arrived my curiosity was peaked but my skepticism wasn't allayed. The powdered mix came in a silver envelope, with clear instructions on how to prepare the instant coney sauce. The problem was the recipe called for only 3 ounces of un-cooked ground beef. I was sure it had to be a missprint.

My natural inclination was to fix it. I was sorely tempted to add an entire pound of ground beef to the 1 ½ cups of water the recipe called for. I resisted the urge — with great difficulty I might add — and prepared the mixture as per the instructions on the packet. I'm very glad I did.

Preparation was amazingly simple and very fast. My coney dog sauce recipe, made from scratch takes takes a couple of hours to prepare. Mikos Greek Instant Hot Dog Sauce took 10 minutes on the outside, only because I wanted to make sure I didn't foul things up — in retrospect, I don't think that is possible. It was very simple to make.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly the coney sauce thickened and the amount of ground beef that I had found so troubling was simply perfect. I was temporarily concerned that the sauce would be too spicy for me — turns out it wasn't. While it was far from bland, the spices were delightfully blended and not overpowering at all.

I am simply thrilled to have been contacted by Mikos Greek Specialties, who would have guessed you could get real coney dog sauce from a package.

We've already placed an order for more instant coney sauce mix (6 packages — 5-small and 1-large, in order to take advantage of the discount), I plan to make this a lot more often. The sauce is eye appealing and flavorful. While it's not homemade, the price is right at just $3.00 for a package of spice mix (price includes shipping) that yields one pint of coney sauce and you won't spend all day doing it.

Although the time-savings is well worth the cost, what I like best about this product is the fact that it takes only 3-ounces of ground beef. Since we purchase organic beef (currently at $5.99 per pound), the savings will add up quickly. I can prepare five-pints with one-pound of hamburger. That's huge!

Updated June 16, 2014

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This is an unpaid review, the author has not been paid for this product review, nor does she receive any further compensation, other than the one free sample packet provided by Mikos.

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