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After watching several documentaries about our food supply and learning just how deficient in nutrients the food we consume has become over the past 30-years, our family has decided to make some serious changes. We are buying organic, eating in season and buying locally. Our meat is grassfed, our bread in homebaked and I feel good about what my family is eating.

If you aren't aware of the danger genentically modified corn and soy products present to your families diet, continue reading. Find out the latest news and commentary on GMO food sources, eating and buying organic foods, nutritional news, food related health issues and much more.

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August 5, 2014

In what appears to be a "new norm", GMO researchers are going straight from genetically modifying a banana to trials on humans without doing the ethically necessary step of testing for toxicity on animals first.

The researchers are planning to feed their GMO banana to students in Iowa, apparently without any prior animal toxicity testing. This would be illegal in Europe, where developers would have to do a short 90-day test in animals first. Going straight from GMO development to human trials is exactly what happened with the GM golden rice trials, where GM golden rice was fed to children without informed consent and without prior animal testing. The lack of animal testing was condemned by international scientists as a breach of the Nuremberg Code, established after World War II to prevent a repeat of Nazi experiments on humans.

August 4, 2014

Watch C4L Chairman Ron Paul's interview on C-SPAN. In the three-hour interview, Dr. Paul discusses many topics including foreign policy,  the Federal Reserve,  the RNC, and abortion.

July 26, 2014

Jason Bishop, 38, is claiming that he was a victim of police brutality after spending a night in the Denton City Jail for public intoxication.

Bishop is a street vendor that was hanging out as his normal spot when officer Clint Webb approached. "When the officer approached me, I told him I had a couple of sips of vodka, but I was drinking raspberry Sprite from a Pita Pit cup at the time," Bishop said. "He asked if anything was in the cup and I told him just soda. He did find a water bottle on top of my pack with vodka inside."

July 22, 2014

A famous restaurant in NYC decided to hire a firm to figure out why they kept getting bad reviews. What this firm discovered is quite interesting.

"We are a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists alike. Having been in business for many years, we noticed that although the number of customers we serve on a daily basis is almost the same today as it was 10 years ago, the service just seems super slow even thought we added more staff and cut back on the menu items...

July 21, 2014

A nationwide recall is underway for peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots sold by Costco, Trader Joe's and other stores.

California-based Wawona Packing Company issued the voluntary recall after tests detected traces of listeria contamination.

July 20, 2014

You can't make this stuff up...

The "passive-aggressive" way a Connecticut man stabbed a watermelon is causing people to pay more attention to what kind of messages they send with fruit. On Monday, the alleged culprit Carmine Cervellino was charged with second degree threatening and disorderly conduct.

July 17, 2014

Courts have "repeatedly held that the odor of marijuana alone can provide probable cause to believe that marijuana is present."

Following up on such precedent, a Maryland prosecutor writes for Police Chief magazine that "no law enforcement agency should forget the importance and accuracy of the human sense of smell." And just last month, Ybor City, Florida, cops followed up on their important and accurate honkers to dismantle a man's truck. They found nothing. Now, at least, Massachusetts residents May gain a bit of a respite from searches by police wielding the Fourth Amendment-piercing power of their sense of smell.

July 15, 2014

Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day can seem like a difficult task if you aren't counting fries within that number.

Sadly, approximately 300 million tons of food is wasted in a year; including those vegetables you never got around to eating. Intermarché, a chain of French supermarkets decided to do their part by purchasing the fruits and vegetables their suppliers usually throw away and sell them at a discounted price.

July 14, 2014

Rancho Mission Viejo's Sendero village is a new agrarian-oriented resident development in south Orange County.

Sokolove's backyard garden boasts three heirloom tomato plants, along with more than 15 other kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits in raised beds and pots. Beyond his personal plot lie shared gardens for Sendero residents and a planned community farm. And beyond that, citrus orchards and preserved open space stretch over surrounding hillsides.

July 10, 2014

Three teens decided that they would pull a prank on officers patrolling the beach. They donned their fake beer mugs and went to it.

The first officer they encounter is on some verbally abusive power trip. She proceeds to violate the rights of these guys by detaining them for no reason and demand their IDs. These guys should never have answered any of her questions. They should have began the entire confrontation with the magic questions, "Am I being detained? Am I free to go?" Here comes the good cop. He realizes that the mugs are fake and laughs about it.


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