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After watching several documentaries about our food supply and learning just how deficient in nutrients the food we consume has become over the past 30-years, our family has decided to make some serious changes. We are buying organic, eating in season and buying locally. Our meat is grassfed, our bread in homebaked and I feel good about what my family is eating.

If you aren't aware of the danger genentically modified corn and soy products present to your families diet, continue reading. Find out the latest news and commentary on GMO food sources, eating and buying organic foods, nutritional news, food related health issues and much more.

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Agora Vox

by Dusty Murray

May 4, 2009

Steps have been taken to start legal action against the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Lorain County Health Department for violating the constitutional rights of John and Jacqueline Stowers of LaGrange, Ohio.

The Stowers operate an organic food cooperative called Manna Storehouse. ODA and Lorain County Health Department agents forcefully raided their home and seized the family's personal food supply, cell phones and personal computers.

April 30, 2009

Back in one of my first posts I have a recipe for "foldable" whole wheat bread. I mentioned Vital Wheat Gluten as a component of the bread - the one that lets the bread rise higher and lets it fold without crumbling.

I'm just now getting around to giving you the recipe to make your own gluten, also known as wheat meat. By making your own, you also get bran and starch to use. Yes, this is the same bran as in what you buy in the stores. You can add some sugar to it and make a cereal out of it, if I look around, I can probably find a recipe for Grapenut Flakes.

Los Angeles Times

by Mary MacVean

April 26, 2009

There was a time, not so long ago, when eating in an environmentally, ethically conscious way was a drab business -- brown and beige food, with a few wilted organic vegetables relegated to a woebegone produce bin at the grocery store.

But these days, everything is coming up green and, forgive us, groovy. Buying delicious, locally and humanely raised food is the new righteous way to save your health and your planet. But as sustainable living turns chic, the choices for living the simple life become anything but. Should you wash your dishes by hand, or does the dishwasher use less water?

New Jersey News

by Amy Sara Clark

April 18, 2009

HOBOKEN - A man who posed as a waiter made off with $186 in cash from unsuspecting patrons at two restaurants, police said yesterday.

The man approached two women who had recently received their bill and asked if they needed anything else before paying. Buzzerio said the restaurant absorbed the cost of the meal.

WJXT Jacksonville

April 8, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A search is on for a team of crooks who robbed an Arlington couple at gunpoint for their box of takeout Popeyes chicken.

According to police, a young mother was leaving her shift after closing the Popeye's restaurant in Arlington on Atlantic Boulevard when she noticed she was being followed home.

March 20, 2009

Dr. Thomas Cowan on how the A1 - A2 factor explains why even raw milk sometimes does not seem to be enough of an improvement over "store-bought"

"I have been involved in thinking about the medicinal aspects of cow's milk virtually my entire career. As one four-year-old child pointed out to me many years ago, "Mommy, I know why he always talks about milk, his name is Cow-an." So, I guess this milk "obsession" is no surprise. The obsession started in earnest about 25 years ago when I read the book The Milk of Human Kindness Is Not Pasteurized by maverick physician William Campbell Douglass, MD. This was one of the most influential books I have ever read...

Age of Autism

by Scott Laster, SafeMinds

March 18, 2009

Mercury at chlor-alkali manufacturing plants represents one of the main sources of anthropogenic mercury (i.e. mercury contamination originating from human activities).

This source of mercury contamination will be gaining more attention in 2009 with the reintroduction of a bill in Congress to stop this unnecessary mercury exposure. SafeMinds has been investigating whether past, or ongoing, contamination of the food supply by chlor-alkali mercury has contributed to the increase in neurological disorders.


by Neil Pedoe, Cycling Plus

March 16, 2009

Grains, fruit and nuts are good for you, right? So cram them all into a bar and you get a powerful snack packed with wholesome fibre, carbohydrate, protein, essential oils and more, and you get a natural energy boost.

Avoid anything with 'benzoate' in it - the preservative sodium benzoate breaks down to leave the carcinogen benzene. Sulphur dioxide keeps fruit 'fresh' but is a known pollutant. Avoid synthetic food colourings such as tartrazine, Sunset Yellow and Ponceau 4R too. The first is made from petroleum, while the other two are synthetic coal tars. No thanks.

Blog Fish

March 6, 2009

Buying organic food does not ensure that the food is safe. It might be contaminated with--for example--salmonella. But organic food buyers expect more from organic food.

But organic food buyers expect more from organic food. What this means is that a safety problem with organic food probably undermines the value of organic food even more than safety issues affect non-organic food. This is an important point for us advocates of sustainability.

The Chicago Tribune

by Monica Eng

March 6, 2009

I was astounded yesterday to read an article by Abby Ellin in The New York Times Health Section about how a dangerous trend is developing in America: Our kids are becoming too concerned about healthful eating habits.

Some are even reading labels and eating organic food. Egads! One 8-year-old even mentioned sodium. I think the only solution for good parents is to pack up and leave this health-food obsessed country. Or call this trend a load of baloney--and not that organic kind either.

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