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After watching several documentaries about our food supply and learning just how deficient in nutrients the food we consume has become over the past 30-years, our family has decided to make some serious changes. We are buying organic, eating in season and buying locally. Our meat is grassfed, our bread in homebaked and I feel good about what my family is eating.

If you aren't aware of the danger genentically modified corn and soy products present to your families diet, continue reading. Find out the latest news and commentary on GMO food sources, eating and buying organic foods, nutritional news, food related health issues and much more.

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World Net Daily

by Bob Unruh

December 26, 2008

A state agent from the Ohio Department of Agriculture pressured a family whose members run a food cooperative for friends and neighbors to "sell" him a dozen eggs, sparking accusations of entrapment from a lawyer defending the family.

The agent stayed for two hours, and explained how he thought his sick mother would be helped by eggs from range-fed chickens. The family responded that they didn't sell food and couldn't help. When he refused to leave, the family gave him a dozen eggs to hasten his departure, Thompson explained. Despite protests from the family, the agent left some money on a counter and departed.

World Net Daily

by Bob Unruh

December 24, 2008

A LaGrange, Ohio, family whose food co-op connecting local consumers with local farmers was raided by sheriff's deputies is fighting back with the help of two organizations aimed at protecting the basic rights of Americans.

"The Stowers' constitutional rights were violated over grass-fed cattle, pastured chickens and pesticide-free produce," said Maurice Thompson, the law director for the Center of Constitutional Law. "Ohioans do not need a government permission slip to run a family farm and co-op, and should not be subjected to raids when they do not have one.


December 23, 2008

ROME, Italy -- Of all the ways to fight the Mafia, having pasta for dinner isn't usually one of them. But now, that's exactly what Italians can do to help beat organized crime.

The Libera Terra consortium produces the food on the same land once controlled by Toto Riina, a top Mafia boss jailed for a string of murders in the 1990s. That land is in Corleone, the Sicilian town whose name became famous in the Godfather movies.

News With Views

by Sarah Foster

December 23, 2008

The Lorain County Sheriff's Department is reportedly "puzzled" over Internet reaction to its Dec. 1 raid of Manna Storehouse, an organic food-buying and distribution co-operative owned by John and Jacqueline Stowers of LaGrange, Ohio.

As word of the raid spread across the Internet, sheriff deputies found themselves likened to Gestapo, and the department was denounced for using a SWAT team and threatening the family with semiautomatic rifles.

The New York Times

by Kim Severson

December 23, 2008

Although Mr. Obama has proposed changes in the nation's farm and rural policies and emphasizes the connection between diet and health, there is nothing to indicate he has a special interest in a radical makeover of the way food is grown and sold.

As for Michelle Obama, she has said in interviews that she tries to buy organic food and watches the amount of high-fructose corn syrup in her family's diet. And, as she confided on "The View" on ABC, "We're bacon people." The Obamas are a different kind of first family.

World Net Daily

by Drew Zahn

December 19, 2008

The Campbell's Soup Company purchased a pair of two-page advertisement spreads in one of the nation's leading pro-homosexual magazines, including an ad highlighting a lesbian couple and their son, reports the American Family Association.

"This holiday season," the ad concludes, "serve a special meal no matter the size and structure of your family." Wildmon is seeking people who will contact the soup company and ask Campbell's to "stop supporting the gay agenda."

The Plain Dealer

by Patrick O'Donnell

December 9, 2008

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A SWAT team raided a family-run organic food co-op last week and held the family at gunpoint for hours while agents ransacked the place.

Manna Storehouse is under investigation to determine whether it is a retail food business without a license. The seizure of Manna's records and computers all but disabled the operation. Serazin said charges are likely later this week. He also said that if the Stowerses try to reopen without obtaining a license, he would likely go to court to block it.

December 5, 2008

As a retired engineer in his late seventies, Ivor Wiltshire makes an unlikely drug fiend. But the smell of cannabis around his semi-detached home was unmistakable.

It was so strong that his nextdoor neighbour was even threatened by a drug gang who broke in and demanded: 'Give us the weed, man'. Days later Mr Wiltshire and his wife Margaret returned from a holiday in Madeira to discover that the drugs squad had battered down their front door and searched their property. All of this was a mystery to the 77-year-old grandfather, who has had no sense of smell since a nose operation 30 years ago.


by Dr. Joseph Mercola

November 29, 2008

Tyson Foods, the world's largest meat processor and the second largest chicken producer in the U.S., has admitted that it injects its chickens with antibiotics before they hatch and then labels them as raised without antibiotics.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has told Tyson to stop using the antibiotic-free label, but the company has sued for the right to keep using it. After Tyson began labeling its chicken antibiotic-free, the USDA warned the company that such labels were not truthful, because Tyson regularly treats its birds' feed with bacteria-killing ionophores.

Fox News

November 26, 2008

Traces of the industrial chemical melamine have been detected in samples of top-selling U.S. infant formula, but federal regulators insist the products are safe.

Melamine is the chemical found in Chinese infant formula - in far larger concentrations - that has been blamed for killing at least three babies and making at least 50,000 others ill. The FDA and other experts said the melamine contamination in U.S.-made formula had occurred during the manufacturing process, rather than intentionally.

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