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World Net Daily

October 1, 2005

A Christian ministry filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court against the state of Tennessee for forcing it to obtain a license in order to continue.

Last month, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities designated the non-profit group Love in Action a "mental health supportive living facility" and informed the ministry it must cease operations by Sept. 30.

Give Me Liberty

September 30, 2005

Twenty-five years ago Bill Benson, a former Illinois Department of Revenue investigator, began a trip across the forty-eight states that comprised the Union in 1913 seeking documentary evidence regarding the ratification of the 16th Amendment.

This was a most important undertaking, because the government uses the 16th Amendment as its sole authority to tax an individual's wages and salaries. During his two-year trip, Benson collected thousands of certified legal documents from both state and federal archives documenting exactly how the 16th Amendment was acted on by each state legislature and handled by the office of the Secretary of State for the United States.

World Net Daily

September 23, 2005

'We are sovereign nation and can pretty much post anything we want'

If you are nostalgic for the days when the Ten Commandments were posted in public buildings, you might want to consider visiting the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.

The New York Times (NJ) [Requires free subscription]

by David Kocieniewshi

September 23, 2005

A formal complaint filed Thursday charged that five members of the governing board of the state's embattled medical school work for companies that do business with the school.

Questions about the possible conflicts come as federal and state law enforcement officials investigate irregularities involving millions of taxpayer dollars spent by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, the nation's largest health care university.

World Net Daily

September 22, 2005

Addressing a California ballot initiative, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would "kill" anyone who took one of his daughters to have an abortion without notifying him.

"I have a daughter," Schwarzenegger said in an interview with the Sacramento Bee. "I wouldn't want to have someone take my daughter to a hospital for an abortion or something and not tell me. I would kill him if they do that."

The New York Times [Requires free subscription]

by Sam Dillion

September 7, 2005

Experts said the movement of students from storm-ravaged areas could become the largest student resettlement in the nation's history.

School districts from Maine to Washington State were enrolling thousands of students from New Orleans and other devastated Gulf Coast districts yesterday in what experts said could become the largest student resettlement in the nation's history. Students displaced by Hurricane Katrina were led to their first-grade classroom yesterday at East Houston Intermediate School. Schools welcoming the displaced students must not only provide classrooms, teachers and textbooks, but under the terms of President Bush's education law must also almost immediately begin to raise their scholastic achievement unless some provisions of that law are waived.

The Birmingham News (AL)

September 3, 2005

Working out the details will be the difficult part, but if there's a practical way to allow home-schooled children to take part in public school extracurricular activities, there's nothing wrong with that.

State Rep. Blaine Galliher, R-Rainbow City, plans to introduce a bill in the next legislative session that will allow kids who are being home-schooled to play on sport teams, in the band, to be cheerleaders or take part in other extracurricular activities at the school they would attend if they were not being home-schooled.


by Danit Lidor

August 30, 2005

Adobe's Bruce Chizen is still waiting to buy Stephen Elop's company, Macromedia. What's on their minds?

Bruce Chizen and Stephen Elop engineered the friendly $3.4 billion acquisition of Elop's company, Macromedia, by Chizen's company, Adobe Systems, in April of this year. But the deal still isn't complete, and the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the merged companies will pose any antitrust concerns.

San Diego Union-Tribune (CA)

by John Berhman

August 27, 2005

A woman who tried to sign up her 10-year-old son for a cinema-appreciation class at Palomar College yesterday ended up being handcuffed, hauled away by campus police and charged with trespassing.

The woman, Claire Bennett, 47, of San Marcos, said she registered for the class previously and was told that she could register her son, Jonathan, on the first day of class. She described her son as a "film savant" and said neither she nor her husband, Russell, has any problem with his watching R-rated movies.

First Coast News (FL)

by Melissa Ross

August 22, 2005

JACKSONVILLE -- A verdict from a Texas jury is giving hope to dozens of Jacksonville famlies suing drug maker Merck over its arthritis medication, Vioxx.

Last week, that jury awarded more than $250 million to a Texas familiy, ruling that the maker of Vioxx was liable for the death of their loved one. Jacksonville widow Toni Raices says Vioxx killed her husband, too.

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