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CNS News

March 12, 2012

Yahoo is suing Facebook over patents, just weeks before the social-networking heavyweight is due to cash in with its initial public offering of stock.

Yahoo Inc. said in a court filing Monday that Facebook has infringed 10 of its patents covering advertising, privacy controls and social networking. Yahoo had threatened to sue Facebook last month, insisting that the social network license its patents. Facebook vowed to defend itself vigorously against what it called "puzzling actions" by Yahoo.

by Drew Guarini

June 17, 2013

Yahoo fought PRISM, and PRISM won.

Court records obtained by The New York Times show that Yahoo had fought back against the National Security Agency's broad requests for user data in 2008. The company, which provides email service to hundreds of millions of people, argued that the order violated Yahoo account holders' constitutional right against unreasonable searches and seizures. The secret court didn't buy Yahoo's argument, and compelled the company to give the NSA digitally stored email and photos at its beck and call. Since the bombshell revelation of NSA's so-called PRISM program last week, the public has learned more about how the nine participating Internet companies let the government collect broad swaths of personal information from Internet users for national security purposes. The secret 2008 decision seemed to put a dark cloud over Silicon Valley: cooperate with the government to fight terrorism abroad, or you'll find yourself in court.

WHIR Web Hosting Industry News

by David Hamilton

February 18, 2010

According to the Thursday announcement, both governing bodies let the partnership pass without restrictions, and both companies will now turn their attention to implementing the deal, which is expected to begin in the coming days. Yahoo!'s algorithmic and

by Paul Joseph Watson

July 15, 2014

A Yahoo! News story published yesterday equates concerns about police brutality, the militarization of law enforcement and videotaping cops with wanting to carry out violent murders of police officers.

In a piece entitled Online rants, anti-government radicals fuel fear of U.S. cop killings, Senior National Reporter for Yahoo! Jason Sickles cites the murders of Las Vegas police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo last month to make the case that there is "an exploding right-wing movement" which is "creating anxiety about attacks against police." Sickles notes that cop killer Jerad Miller posted of his intention to murder law enforcement officers on a Facebook page belonging to Cop Block, an organization that encourages citizens to document examples of police brutality. The fact that the organization has over 780,000 Facebook fans, all but one of whom have never murdered a police officer, doesn't prevent Sickles from honing in on the group as being partly responsible for the deaths of Beck and Soldo.

by Nicole Henderson

December 20, 2011

Small business owners say that the biggest obstacle to growth of their business is Washington, according to a study released by Yahoo! on Tuesday.

The survey of 250 small business owners conducted by Yahoo! Small Business and Ipsos MediaCT to measure the concerns that will affect the 2012 election. The report doesn't specify what type of businesses were surveyed. 34 percent of small business owners find that Washington is the biggest obstacle to growth, citing taxation, healthcare and regulations as the major hindrances.

by Sam Stanton, Anita Creamer and Bill Lindelof

July 30, 2013

Like most children with a food allergy, Natalie Giorgi was raised with a keen understanding of how careful she had to be.

At 13, she knew that her peanut allergy could be deadly, and her parents were exceedingly cautious about what she ate. "She never put any dessert or anything that was questionable into her mouth without consulting someone," said Augusta Brothers, a family friend. But Friday night, years of caution couldn't save her.

by Scott Shackford

August 2, 2013

Last year, Salem Ahmed bin Ali Jaber, a respected Muslim cleric in Yemen, gave a speech denouncing al Qaeda. Representatives from Al Qaeda came to speak with Jaber and his cousin in a private meeting.

During this meeting, they were all incinerated in a drone strike by the United States. The New York Times reported the death of these two innocent civilians in February in the context of discussing John Brennan's nomination to head the CIA. Yesterday President Barack Obama met with Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. According to Reuters, Obama praised Hadi's participation in the war on terrorism, while Hadi apparently appreciated Washington's help reducing the power and presence of al Qaeda. If there was an mention of innocents killed as collateral damage, Reuters made no note of it.

October 2, 2012

An ABC investigation has found what you might have suspected all along; if you leave your iPad with airport security, a TSA agent might just keep it for himself.

The investigators went to 10 airports and put iPads through the screening machines in the little plastic containers, and then didn't claim them just to see what would happen. Nine out of ten iPads were immediately returned to their owner, but as you'll see in the video below, one TSA dirtbag walked away with the iPad. ABC filmed the theft and traced the iPad to the home of the crook. You almost feel bad for the jerk who stole the iPad when Brian Ross shows up at his house. Then you remember that this criminal is also in charge of making sure your plane doesn't get bombed by a terrorist.

Hot Air

by Erika Johnsen

September 11, 2012

Just in case there was any doubt in anyone's mind - the Congressional Budget Office has released their monthly report, and with the government's fiscal year set to end on September 30th, they've officially announced that we'll come in with an above-trillion dollar deficit for the fourth year running.

CNS News

by Stacy Washington

October 2, 2012

In yet another case examining the correct application of the First Amendment, ads by conservative blogger Pam Gellar are going up on subways in New York City.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority was ordered by a Manhattan Federal Court to place "Anti-Jihad Savage" ads, starting early this week. The MTA had originally refused to accept the ads under their "No Demeaning Ad Standard" policy. After the ruling the MTA Spokesman said: "Our hands are tied." The ad copy states: "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad."

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