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Hot Air

by Ed Morrissey

July 26, 2012

Where were you in the Great Twitter Blackout of July 26, 2012?  Me, I was at my desk ... having to do status updates on Facebook.

Tragic. As of now, the Twitter website and the Tweetdeck services have been down about 20-25 minutes. Tech Crunch says Twitter is working on the problem. Maybe we can expect updates on their progress ... via Myspace.

Hot Air

by Jazz Shaw

May 12, 2012

It's all the rage today, sweeping the nation from coast to coast.

As we reported back in March, municipalities across the country are saving the world, one shopping trip at a time, by banning the use of plastic grocery bags. And now, despite some spectacular failures by others who paved the way, Los Angeles is poised to leap into the fray. But the industry is fighting back this time.

by Carolanne Wright

August 2, 2013

While it's generally agreed in the natural health arena that organically produced fare is superior in safety compared to crops that utilize GMOs or chemical pesticides, the fact that it's more nutritious might be overlooked by consumers.

Conventional growers insist there isn't a substantial difference between the two, yet several studies have found otherwise. In the battle between conventional versus organic, research has shown the latter to be the victor with higher levels of vitamins and minerals as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fats.

Michelle Malkin

by Doug Powers

March 17, 2012

Friday has passed us by, which means another batch of Solyndra emails were released.

Solyndra weekend email dumps have become the Saturday matinée serial cliffhangers of the 21st century, except a lot more expensive - but at least Flash Gordon's rocket ship is now powered by algae and solar panels. This weekend's Solyndra dump tells the story of an administration that was considering having Solyndra execs sit in the First Lady's box for the January 2011 State of the Union address, until a White House staffer saw the writing on the wall...

Hot Air

by Ed Morrissey

June 5, 2011

Those providing on-line services take security very, very seriously, because any hint of vulnerability will have users running to competitors almost instantly in the highly competitive Internet world.

When Rep. Anthony Weiner and his defenders began blaming Yfrog for a mysterious tweet on his stream that included a photo of a crotch that Weiner couldn't say "with certitude" wasn't his, Yfrog responded by suspending all e-mail uploads until it could fully check security. On Friday, Yfrog announced the results of its investigation...

Hot Air

by Jazz Shaw

January 7, 2012

Over at National Review, John Yoo (who you will likely remember from the Bush administration) has an interesting rebuttal to Larry Tribe's defense of Obama's recent recess appointments.

There's quite a bit to go through in both articles, mostly because Tribe takes so many wild swings at this particular pinata, seeming somewhat desperate to latch on to some constitutional footing which would justify the moves.

Merced Sun-Star

July 1, 2010

Yosemite National Park has extended the public review period for policies related to visitation of Half Dome.

The public can submit written ideas until Tuesday, July 6, about use of the Half Dome cables. Yosemite is drafting a long-term plan to ensure that use of the trail leading to Half Dome, and the Half Dome cables, follows the 1964 Wilderness Act and the National Park Service Organic Act.

November 7, 2012

In San Francisco, local measure F submitted by the restore Hetch Hetchy Reservoir group has failed by 77.41%, with 22.59% in favor so far.

San Francisco voters were asked if they wanted to develop a "long-term plan for improved use of the local water supply, and a "reduction of harm to Yosemite National Park, the Tuolumne River and the San Francisco Bay." The ballot measure did not specifically call for the removal of the Hetch Hetchy dam, but sought to get things moving towards that end. Critics of the Hetch Hetchy restoration effort have long cited the high price tag. A state study in 2006 found that the cost to restore Hetch Hetchy would be anywhere from $3 billion to $10 billion. One of the notable critics over the past several years has been Democratic Senator, and former San Francisco Mayor, Diane Feinstein.

by Chad Hanson

October 3, 2013

It was entirely predictable. Even before the ashes have cooled on the 257,000-acre Rim fire in and around Yosemite this year, the timber industry and its allies in Congress were using the fire as an excuse for suspending environmental laws.

Ecologists agree that the post-fire habitat created by patches of high-intensity fire, known as "snag forest habitat," is one of the most ecologically important of all forest habitat types, and it supports levels of native biodiversity and wildlife abundance equal to or greater than unburned old-growth forest. Moreover, snag forest habitat is even rarer than old-growth forest, and is more threatened by commercial logging than any other forest type.

The Real Revo

by R.D. Walker

July 18, 2011

The Department of Justice says you can be forced to reveal your computer password.

The Obama administration has asked a federal judge to force a defendant to decrypt an encrypted laptop that police found in her bedroom during a raid of her home.

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