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December 24, 2006

The legal age to buy cigarettes in the Syracuse area is being raised to 19 in 2007.

Onondaga County lawmakers passed a law to raise the age on April 1.

13 WHAM News

by Jane Flasch

June 19, 2009

Rochester, N.Y. -- According to a federal criminal complaint, Robert Morone allegedly billed taxpayers for work on political campaigns, parades, fundraising events, and commercials.

According to the federal complaint, while on the Monroe County payroll, Morone routinely took Robutrad workers to a strip club. Worker "A" was paid while on fishing trips, worker "C" took his family on vacation to Cancun for a week, and worker "F" took off two weeks, but still collected a $4,300 paycheck.

June 27, 2013

An off-duty Toledo police officer is accused of attacking a family in a Kroger parking lot. Now that family wants to take legal action.

The attorney now representing the family says they'll have to wait until the criminal process finishes before taking any other action. Toledo Officer Robert Adams is on paid administrative leave right while his department and prosecutors find out exactly what happened. It all happened the night of June 1 in the Kroger parking lot at the Spring Meadows shopping center. The family told Sylvania Police and Lucas County Sheriff officers that Officer Adams hit and kicked their car, even shattering their window.

24dash (Canada)

by Ian Morgan

February 6, 2007

'Make crime victims give DNA' A call to compel all victims of crime to provide their DNA or fingerprints to be added to national databases, was rejected by Attorney General Lord Goldsmith.

The demand was made during Lords question time by Labour's Lord Campbell-Savours who said it would help the police to identify women who made repeated false claims of rape against men and later changed their names.

27B Stroke 6

October 11, 2006

It is a bad sign when it is less of a hassle to go through customs in Saudi Arabia then to enter back into my own country.

"While not physically intrusive as in the case of a strip or body cavity search, the search of one's private and valuable personal information stored on a hard drive or other electronic storage device can be just as much, if not more, of an intrusion in the dignity and privacy interests of a person. This is because electronic storage devices function as an extension of our own memory," Pregeson wrote in an October 2, 2006 opinion.

27B Stroke 6

by Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen

September 11, 2006

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has declined to hear an appeal of a June decision holding that broadband service providers and college networks must re-configure their networks to make them easily tappable by law enforcement.

The FCC rules in question re-interpreted a 1994 law known as CALEA, which distinguished between telecom networks, such as the traditional phone system and Internet providers. Under that law, telecoms were forced to make it easier for law enforcement to listen in on phone calls.

by David

March 1, 2013

Yahoo has some 11,000 workers. Most estimates put the number of remote workers between 300 and 500. In other words, just 2-4% of the Yahoo work force. That's a tiny minority!

But that's exactly why it's been so easy to place the blame on them for Yahoo's ails. Minorities make for great scapegoats in all walks of life. If we can just place the blame on this small group of people, then it means there's nothing really wrong with the rest of us. Gruber summed up this sentiment as "Yahoo employees have been allowed to work remotely, and they have not excelled". In other words, Yahoo is a rudderless basket case, so it must be because of those 2-4% of the work force who are "goofing off". Heh.

by Jason Fried

January 28, 2013

A great response from OXO to an accusation that they ripped off the design of a competitor's product. Measured, respectful (especially considering the other side's very public disrespect), clear, and well documented.

by The Way

January 16, 2012

Taylor's post about our growth in 2011 included a bunch of numbers showing how the pistons inside the 37signals engine are pounding faster, but it all got swept away by what seemed like an innocent side-note: The 100 millionth file was called cat.jpg.

Being as it is that the internet is constantly accused of being just an elaborate way of sharing pictures of cats, sharing pictures of cats, we thought that was funny. But it wasn't. We shouldn't make jokes about anything even remotely related to people's data. Because the natural train of thought from there goes: Hey, if they saw the file name cat.jpg and shared it with the world, what's to prevent them from sharing other data? Actual sensitive data, like Downsizing-Plans-2012.pdf? Hell, what if they're actually looking at my secret new logo and leak it to the press?

January 18, 2010

High fructose corn syrup remains as one of the most controversial health topics.

The facts continue to pour out, and you have the ability to understand why corn syrup, and the variations of the substance, extremely hinders the health of people across the world.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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