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Computer World

by Patrick Thibodeau

August 22, 2002

The number of H-1B visas issued to foreign high-tech workers is less than half what it was last year.

Immigration authorities had granted 60,500 H-1B visas by the end of the first three quarters on June 30, representing a 54% drop from the same period last year. "The demand is gone," said U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service spokesman Dan Kane.

Computer World

by Patrick Thibodeau

September 11, 2002

There's no shortage of anecdotal reports from U.S. workers that the H-1B visa program is costing Americans jobs.

The study, which is due out sometime next year, seeks to answer the question: Do companies show a preference for H-1B workers, and if so, why-

Computer World

by Patrick Thibodeau

September 16, 2002

GAO seeks data on how visas affect jobs of U.S. workers

The U.S. General Accounting Office is embarking on a study that will try to examine how the H-1B visa program is affecting American workers. But getting the right data won't be easy.

Computer World

by Thomas Hoffman

September 26, 2002

There's certainly a feeling out there that [offshore programming is] a threat to American IT workers.

At an outsourcing conference this week, panelists said American IT workers displaced by H-1B and L-1 employees should look to become IT liaisons with corporate business units.

Computer World

by Thomas Hoffman

September 30, 2002

Unemployed U.S. IT professionals who are grumbling about lower-cost H-1B workers and offshore outsourcing firms wresting their jobs away.

Panelists who spoke at Brainstorm Group's Nearshore and Offshore Outsourcing conference suggested that U.S. programmers who have been displaced by H-1B workers or have seen their jobs moved offshore should broaden their horizons and look to become IT liaisons with corporate business units.

by Martin Bright and Paul Harris

October 19, 2002

Hundreds of child welfare professionals, including police officers, care workers and teachers, have been identified as 'extremely high-risk' paedophiles by an investigation into internet porn.

The discovery came after US authorities passed on more than 7,000 names of UK subscribers to an American-based child porn website. When police examined a sample of the most dedicated users, they discovered that many worked with children. Investigators knew paedophiles targeted jobs which brought them into contact with children, but were shocked by how many British suspects had been undetected by the usual checks. The discovery that many were working in jobs of the highest sensitivity will send shock waves through the child protection world and lead to calls for even more stringent safeguards.

January 22, 2003

The most recent January 2003 Gallup Poll reports that 23% of the general population think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, 57% in some circumstances, and 19% illegal in all circumstances.

Computer World

by Patrick Thibodeau

January 28, 2003

The H-1B visa is used to bring skilled workers into the U.S., many of whom are IT workers. The visa is good for up to six years, although it has to be renewed after three years.

The total number of H-1Bs granted last year, 79,100, was sharply lower than in 2001 and far short of the allowed number.

Computer World

by Patrick Thibodeau

February 3, 2003

Jobless protesting program despite a decrease in the number of H-1Bs issued

With the H-1B visa cap due to drop, industry groups don't know whether Congress will be in any mood to increase it with unemployment as high as it is. Meanwhile, displaced workers are organizing.

by Clay S. Conrad

February 5, 2003

Government has a boundless appetite to inflict senseless pain on Americans, in the guise of the war on drugs, even at the cost of degrading Federalism and the needs and values of the American people. A recent case demonstrates this arrogance handily.

Ed Rosenthal was a medical marijuana supplier who, in compliance with the California Compassionate Use Act, had been growing marijuana for seriously ill people under a doctor's advice and care. Rosenthal was arrested in February, 2002 and accused of supplying marijuana to the Harm Reduction Center in San Francisco. Rosenthal had been deputized by the city of Oakland, California and made the official supplier of a city-sponsored medical marijuana dispensary. The Compassionate Use Act passed with 78 percent of the vote in San Francisco. It took a total of eighty jurors to find twelve willing to convict Rosenthal. Most of those summoned for jury duty said they would not be willing to brand someone a felon for growing or distributing medical marijuana...

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