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The Wall Street Opinion Journal

by William McGurn

July 16, 2011

Where do your kids go to school, Mary Landrieu-

WASHINGTON--Go ahead and try to explain to Janet Butler why a voucher won't make a dime's worth of difference in the life of a District of Columbia schoolchild. But you'd best be prepared when she pulls out a pretty potent Exhibit A: her daughter.

Scotsman News (UK)

by William Lyons

July 16, 2011

While proposals for an outright ban remain at an early stage, this week they took a significant step forward when NHS Tayside said it wanted to become the first UK region to have totally smoke-free zones.

The opposition is led by Tim Lord, chief executive of the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association. "Businesses ought to deliver what their customers want. If that is a ban on smoking, then fine," he said. "But if customers want to smoke they should be allowed to. It is not the role of government to dictate to restaurants, pubs and clubs who should or not smoke in their premises."

by William J. Gorta

March 8, 2011

A Brooklyn judge ordered a teen to live with his homeless dad -- in a shelter -- after the boy's mom, a $90,000-a-year court worker, was critical of the legal process, court papers reveal.

The judge's decision also shows that Traylor had been arrested several times, but notes that she has never been convicted of anything. Traylor said all the arrests were at her husband's request. Before rendering his final decision, the judge took a swipe at Traylor for being "quick to offer barbed criticism of the court and the legal process."

by William Grigg

January 10, 2013

Auburn, Washington resident Dustin Theoharis was asleep in his bed on February 11, 2012 when two armed strangers entered his room and started to give him orders. Understandably startled, Theoharis reached for a flashlight.

This prompted the two intruders to open fire. Theoharis - who was still in bed -- was shot sixteen times, but survived. The assailants who shot Theoharis were Detective Aaron Thompson of the King County Sheriff's Office and Corrections Officer Kris Rongen. They had arrested Theoharis's roommate, Nicholas Harrison, an ex-convict who had failed to report for community supervision. The officers were searching his bedroom to find if Theoharis had a gun, which would have allowed them to charge Harrison with a parole violation. They had no warrant or probable cause, and no gun was found. Since Harrison was already in custody at the time of the incident, there was no need to conduct a "safety sweep" of the residence.

The LRC Blog

by William Grigg

July 4, 2009

... with a domestic problem, unless your intention is for potentially fatal harm to come to you or the relative with whom you're having trouble.

A 14-year-old girl from Tucumcari, New Mexico wound up in the hospital with a Taser dart embedded in her skull after her mother, Stacy Akin, took her to the police department because the two of them had been fighting, reports the Portales News-Tribune.

LewRockwell Blog

by William Grigg

June 30, 2009

Last Friday, the Encintas station of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department wrote another chapter in the annals of law enforcement overkill by dispatching an eight-man force, to deal with a noise complaint in nearby Cardiff.

Abbott asked Barman for her birth date. Puzzled by the question, Barman asked why that information was necessary, not understanding that under the martial law mind-set prevailing today, anything other than immediate, docile obedience to any directive issued by a goon in a government-issued costume is considered a crime.

by William F. Jasper

November 8, 2013

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the Democratic Socialists of America are planning to transform ObamaCare into single-payer socialized medicine.

It may be one of the very few things that Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, Left and Right can agree on: ObamaCare has been an embarrassing series of rolling disasters since it stumbled out of the starting gate on October 1. From the non-functional website fiasco to the cancellation of millions (soon to be tens of millions) of existing health insurance policies to the heart-stopping sticker shock on replacement policies, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has drawn brickbats from critics all across the political spectrum. However, while disapproval of ObamaCare is very widespread, the critic camps are poles apart concerning what should be done. According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Democratic Socialists of America, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and other leading lights of the far Left, the real problem with ObamaCare is that it does not go far enough; the "solution," they say, is to go all the way to socialized medicine. But they don't have the conviction and courage to be that honest, so they say we must resurrect the "single payer/public option" alternative that was defeated during the 2009-2010 battle over ObamaCare in Congress. For millions of Americans, the terms "single payer" and "public option" do not carry the same negative connotations as "socialized medicine," which, of course, is why they were adopted as code words.

by William E. Even and David A. Macpherson

May 11, 2011

When the Great Recession's negative effect on the U.S. labor market was strongest, the national unemployment rate stood at 10.1 percent-a depth last seen in June 1983.

But the greatest amount of pain was felt by younger and more vulnerable workers-though not in equal amounts. For instance, the unemployment rate for 16-to-19 year-olds reached 27.1 per-cent at the recession's trough. For white teens, the figure was 25 percent; for black teens, it was close to 50 percent. These staggering racial disparities in employment among young adults are nothing new. They've existed as far back as the early 1950s, when the federal government first started tracking these figures. A wide body of academic literature explores the reasons for this gap, but few studies have explicitly studied the effect of labor market wage mandates on minority groups, in part because of the lack of sufficiently comprehensive data. In this new study, labor economists William Even (Miami University) and David Macpherson (Trinity University) overcome this problem by amassing a data set from the years 1994 to 2010 that includes over 600,000 data observations-including a robust sample of minority young adults unprecedented in previous studies on the minimum wage.

by William Dotinga

September 20, 2012

Graphic recordings prove that a Montana man was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit, after police knowingly withheld exonerating evidence, the man, acquitted on retrial, claims in Federal Court.

In 2010, more than a year after the Sublette County (Wyo.) Sheriff's Office resurrected an investigation from its cold-case files, a jury convicted Troy Willoughby for the 1984 murder of Lisa Ehlers. The Wyoming Supreme Court affirmed his conviction and sentence in June 2011. Willoughby sued Randall Hanson, a former investigator for the Sublette County Attorney's Office; former sheriff's Capt. Brian Ketterhagen; and sheriff's Deputy Sarah Brew. They are the only defendants. Willoughby sued them all in their individual capacity.

National Review Online (NRO)

by William C. Duncan

August 31, 2009

Now children can have multiple legal parents without biology, adoption, or marriage.

In his 1988 book Silent Revolution, Herbert Jacob described how one of the most significant changes to family law in the 20th century, no-fault divorce, began in California and spread through the states with very little public debate or controversy. This remarkable transformation was presented, and largely accepted, as routine policymaking in the domain of legal experts.

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