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Kidjacked - Jacked Up Blog

This is your opportunity to spout off and rant about issues involving the state and your children. The Jacked Up blog is a place to discuss all issues related to the families and children as well as share your story with other parents who understand exactly where you are coming from. Blog Post Submissions Requested.

LocalHS - The Homeschool Scuttle

The Homeschool Scuttle provides a hodge podge of homeschool news, events and commentary. Here we discuss global warming issues, science projects, art programs and more. We've even had a lively discussion regarding the Dr. Phil show. Just about anything can and does show up here - if it's homeschool related.

The Patriot - Reclaiming America

If you are concerned about the state of America, civil rights and freedom, you will find plenty of food for thought on the Patriot Blog. Patriotism isn't dead it's just asleep and we are determined to wake up America.


Not a blog -- SaferPC is an e-mail notification list, which provides regular notifications of important software updates, security discussion and suggestions on how to best configure applications so they will behave.

Discussion Lists

Reliable Answers sponsored and supported E-mail groups.


An announcement and discussion list for

When new articles are posted, new content is featured or major site revisions occur, this list will be notified.

Members are encouraged to submit original works for inclusion on the site.

The subject tag for all messages is [ReliableAnswers].


'Design Advice' is a group for unsolicited web design help. Clients of 12 Point Design are encouraged to join this list for free help using the 12 Point Design Templating Engine.

You may ask questions or submit sites for review and suggestions, or you may simply listen to the advice and either welcome it or ignore it.

The subject tag for all messages is [DesignAdvice].


An unmoderated Discussion Group concerned with pressing Family issues associated with

Dedicated to the discussion of CPS issues, dissemination of parental rights information and to communicate future plans. This forum is a place to discuss all issues related to the family, make new friends, share tips and ideas. I occasionally pass on the latest news items of concern to families.


Active Server Pages employment list.

Place your availabilities or resumes on this list to reach interested parties. Network and share resume' tips and job leads.

The subject tag for all messages is [Asp-Jobs].


Moderated Visual Studio.NET Jobs employment list.

Place your availabilities or resumes on this list to reach interested parties.

The subject tag for all messages is [Net-Jobs].


A very active VB programming discussion list, with about 1600 members.

The Visual Basic Help Center Forum is a portal for communication amongst Visual Basic developers of all levels and from all over the globe. This list serves the VB community in conjunction with the Visual Basic Help Center.


The US Patriot - Conservative political action group.

A forum designated for the discussion of conservative politics and current events. Join us as we gear up for the upcoming election. Discuss your favorite candidates and why they have earned your vote.

The subject tag for all messages is [USPatriot].


This is a FAQ list for VB programmers.

Providing a centralized resource for the answers to the most common VB questions. The archives are open to the public, however e-mail attachments are not permitted.

The subject tag for all messages is [USPatriot].


An unmoderated Education Discussion Group.

We will explore education. What are the problems being faced in the public schools? Discussion of educational options and their merit or lack thereof: Homeschool -- Charter School -- ISP -- Public School -- Vouchers

The subject tag for all messages is [EduTalk].


Discussion List

Find terrific cost saving links, homeschool tips and freebie links each month. Budget Homeschool will show you how to use inexpensive alternatives, saving your family $100's. Visit: Budget Homeschool today.

The subject tag for all messages is [BudgetHomeschool].


A FAQ list for ASP programmers.

A resource to provide a centralized resource for the answers to the most common and most basic questions I receive from the many ASP/Programming lists I subscribe to.


A non-graphic-artists list to optimizing graphics for the web.

This forum is dedicated to optimizing graphics for the web. Topics of discussion range from server-side manipulation of graphics to client-side layout and implementation.


A discussion group for the web-service and database content-type tracking system for programmatic implementation of tracking file content by extension.

Providing (web-)developers with a centralized resource from which they can obtain Content-Type header information and other resources.

The subject tag for all messages is [CType].


Open source movement to expose sourcecode via the web without limitation or reliance on any particular server(s).

This list is a collaborative endeavor to create a peer-to-peer source-code sharing system. Using spiders, index servers and clients, code will be exposed in a system aware and supportive of license and intellectual property needs.

The subject tag for all messages is [CodeX].

Google Sitemaps

This is a new group. Google Sitemaps support group alternative. Don't like Google Groups, or want to avoid the incessant spam and ad hominem attacks? Get your answers here.

The subject tag for all messages is [GoogleSitemaps].


This is a new group. Provides updates when major changes occur on the Local Homeschool Group Support listing web service, including new articles and features.

The subject tag for all messages is [LocalHS].

E-Group Guidelines

Here you will find what amounts to basic e-group etiquette. Most of our lists observe the rules and guidelines found here and form the basis of our management methodologies.

These guidelines ensure that every member of each list has a pleasant experience, and can learn, share and participate freely.


Reliable Answers - Legislative Watch Network provides information on Legislation at both the state and federal level.

Join this list to receive timely notification of legislation aimed at negatively impacting Families.

The subject tag for all messages is [RA-LegWatch].

So I'll just come right out and ask - is that enough resources to start with? Probably not, right? Try here:
That should be enough to keep you busy. :)


Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith
[cshelp] - learn and discuss C#

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