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Childhood Vaccination: State Enforced Child Abuse?

By: Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton,
Medical Doctor and Author

Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton author of Childhood Vaccination: State Enforced Child Abuse?

Vaccines are now regularly loaded with some of the most toxic brain damaging chemicals known to mankind.

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton explores the growing phenomena of parents choosing medical sterilisation instead of submitting future children to the increasingly rigid state childhood vaccination program, which many top scientists now believe to be compromising our children's present and future health.

I am standing in the Floridian department store Burdines-Macy's watching my friend Annie trying to round up her two younger children. For most children, a few stiff words would have the desired effect, however in this instance she could be speaking in an alien tongue for all the effect her efforts appear to be having. As I race around the store searching for her youngest child, who appears to have completely vanished off the face of the earth, I look back and catch a glimmer of unadulterated distress and sadness in her eyes as her beloved children's poor behavior attracts increasing numbers of disapproving stares from passing shoppers.

Merck Vaccine Expert tells Truth about Vaccine Dangers

Far from being a result of poor discipline, the poor behavior - and multiple health problems - of all her three children seems to have arisen as a direct result of childhood vaccinations. Despite being completely normal for the first few months, they all deteriorated physically, and behaviorally, immediately following various different rounds of the intensive and expanding program of childhood vaccinations all American children now have to unquestioningly submit to in order to be admitted to school.

Now all her three children appear to show signs of the increasingly common vaccine linked childhood behavioral conditions known as Attention Disorder Hyperactivity Deficit (ADHD) - indeed her eldest was recently put on a ritolin like drug (called focalin) due to poor behavior in school. But this tragedy for her does not stop there as, more worryingly, another one of her children has also developed features of autism. Indeed, their behavior has deteriorated to the point that this highly intelligent lady says with feeling that "These are not the children that I gave birth to."

When sterilization is the only alternative

For Annie and a growing number of her friends, the current system has gotten so crazy that they have been forced to take the only option available to them - medical sterilization. She and other parents of vaccine damaged behaviorally disturbed children have been so traumatized and worn down by the tough state laws on childhood vaccinations, medical stone walls and extreme child behavior, that they taken the dramatic step of being sterilized for fear of having any further healthy babies which end up being damaged by compulsory vaccinations.

While she and her husband love all their children dearly and despite her deep desire to have another child, which was extremely strong, they both could not contemplate coping with another behaviorally damaged child. It is this real fear of "making more bad babies" which appears to be the driving force behind this new and shocking phenomena of deliberate sterilization.

The Government childhood immunization programs:
State endorsed blackmail?

Vaccine Information

You may well ask why if it was so obviously the vaccines behind her first child's deteriorating health, why were her second and third children vaccinated? Well, if the doctor who vaccinated your child does not accept the fact that the vaccine that he/she gave was actually responsible for your child's current health problem, this would make even the most confident parent, question his or her own recall of events or existence of symptoms. If you combine this with the fact that all childhood vaccines are now mandatory, this serves to makes resistance almost futile. As questioning the safety of a vaccine is tantamount to taking on the entire US government and medical profession in one fell swoop. Thirdly, there is denial - what parent wants to be told that by vaccinating their child they were indirectly responsible for causing their health problem?

Every different state has passed laws requiring children to be given a full course of vaccination, which comprises 33 doses of about 9 or 10 vaccines before entering school. While exemptions can be obtained, they are very hard to get and mainly reserved for religious and some health reasons. And although a few states do allow for philosophical objections, the New Jersey courts recently upheld the right of a private school to deny admission to a student merely because she objected to taking a vaccine.

This legalized form of blackmail goes further as unvaccinated children are not even allowed to take part in school sports. Indeed many pediatricians will not even treat unvaccinated children. For a country supposedly known as "The Land of the Free," America appears to have the harshest anti-libertarian laws in the world when it comes to childhood vaccinations. To many citizens, particularly non-Americans who don't have anything like these laws, these regulations could be seen as nothing more than state-endorsed and enforced blackmail.

Annie's child was transformed from a normal baby into a "high needs baby," who screamed around the clock immediately following her first 8 week vaccination. This was followed by five years of total rebellion and extreme behavior. Another of her children's hair fell out at the age of two following another vaccine. Nevertheless, the threat of being unable to send her children to school, of being struck off her pediatrician books, and of becoming a social outcast among the other parents with vaccinated children made Annie press on with the full vaccination program, despite her better innate judgement.

Do vaccines really benefit our children?

Since most children today get up to 33 immunizations before they can be admitted to public school, parents are starting to ask a fundamental question. Which is the greater risk: getting and being injured by the disease, or being injured by the vaccine that purports to protect against it?

For example, serious adverse events after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, including 48 deaths, are reported three times as frequently as actual cases of hepatitis B in children under the age of 14. Indeed, many of the vaccines are used against diseases which simply don't exist. For instance, the only polio cases in the United States since 1991 have been those caused by the oral polio vaccine, whose use was discouraged only just recently! And even when they do exist, our better living standards have converted diseases such as measles from potential killers, as they can be in third world countries, to mostly harmless childhood illnesses.

So somewhat shockingly, despite the draconian "blackmail" style laws set up to force parents to vaccinate their children before they are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to be injected with this concoction of highly toxic chemicals, there appears to be no clear cut evidence that the vast mass vaccination program is on balance benefiting our children. Indeed, there is a growing pile of evidence indicating that as legislation goes to previously unheard of extremes, this policy may have brought about far more damage to our children's health than good.

It's official:
The Childhood Vaccination Program is damaging children's health

Ever since mass vaccination of infants began last century, reports of serious brain, cardiovascular, metabolic and other injuries started filling pages of medical journals. A recent article called "The Dark Side of Immunizations," reviewed reports from several countries showing that vaccinated children, in addition to having a lower I.Q., also have a higher incidence of behavioral problems, asthma, and diabetes than unvaccinated children. In fact, pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) has even been used to induce encephalomyelitis in animals, a potentially fatal disease characterized by brain swelling and haemorrhaging.

Take for example the strong link between vaccines, autism and other childhood behavioral disorders, a real problem Annie and her family live with 24/7. The overall amount of the heavy metal mercury that children were getting -- from the constantly increasing number of vaccinations -- was getting so high that between 1989 and 1999, children who received all the recommended vaccinations would have absorbed their lifetime's "safe" amount by the time they were 6 months old. This "mistake" was so serious that it even prompted an adviser to the National Immunization Program, Dr. Neal Halsey of Johns Hopkins University, at a hearing in Cambridge three years ago to admit, "I feel badly that I didn't pick it up".

Symptoms of mercury toxicity in young children are extremely similar to those of autism and ADHD. Thus, it is thought that the widespread use of mercury in the childhood vaccination program explains the recent increase in the numbers of children diagnosed with autism since the early 1990s. Indeed, the high number of children diagnosed with autism seems to directly correlate with the recommendation of both the hepatitis B and HIB vaccine to infants in the early 1990s.

But it's not just behavioral problems that are linked to the childhood vaccination program. Mounting evidence suggests the program has played a role in the massive upsurge of other 21st century childhood health epidemics, such as diabetes, cancer, and immune-system diseases like allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

Why we are seeing previously unforeseen levels of apparently vaccine-linked childhood disease?

The reason behind this epidemic of vaccine-linked diseases appears to stem from our increasingly polluted environment. Since the creation of synthetic (and often extremely health-damaging) chemicals at the beginning of the 20th century, their production has doubled approximately every ten years. Consequently our children are now exposed to thousands of synthetic and toxic industrial chemicals from the moment they are even conceived. Then as children, they get yet more from contaminated food, water, and air.

The problem is that our detoxification systems simply were not been designed to process these chemicals. This is true with adults, and even more so with babies. As a result, these toxins accumulate in our bodies. At a certain point, the degree of chemical poisoning appears to become so great that one or more body system collapses, resulting in the development of a so-called "fixed name" disease, such as diabetes or cancer.

There is evidence which points to childhood vaccinations being far more risky than adult vaccination. Firstly we know that children, due to their relatively immature detoxification systems, appear to be the most vulnerable to possible vaccine-induced chemical damage. Secondly, levels of chemicals which cause damage to children are much far smaller than those known to damage an adult. And thirdly, because children systems are still developing, chemical damage can causes additional health problems in our young such as developmental delays and diseases such as autism. This, together with the fact that these days our children are have already been exposed to far more chemicals in the womb than their parents ever were, could help account for the unprecedented number of childhood vaccine-related illnesses now being seen.

The difficulty of breaking the "vaccines are only good" myth

Dr. J. Anthony Morris, the former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the U.S. Federal Drug Administration, stated that "there is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good." This is a profoundly shocking comment, and makes you wonder what is behind the government's policy of forcing parents to unknowingly subject their babies to dozens of shots of highly toxic, well established brain poisons -- in the name of health?

To understand how this crazy situation came to pass we need to go back to the origins of vaccines. Vaccines were originally introduced following Dr. Jenner, an extremely observant country physician, noticed that milkmaids who had been infected by Cowpox, appeared to be resistant against contracting the more fatal small pox. Ever since, this romantic medical breakthrough has resulted in virtually the entire medical community holding the concept of vaccinations tightly to its collective bosom.

However, things have changed from those early days in a way in which Jenner could never have predicted. For vaccines are now -- unlike in his day -- regularly loaded with some of the most toxic brain damaging chemicals known to mankind.

The problem appears to arise from the fact that most doctors are simply not told about these additives. And even if they are, because they are not taught about the effects that these chemicals can have on human health, they fail to grasp their significance and potential role they could be playing in triggering disease.

Is the US Government responsible for child abuse on a massive scale?

In the light of all this information, the question has to be asked to whether the U.S. government enforces laws based on incomplete and flawed science, which are now so rigid, that they could even constitute child abuse on a massive scale - the like which has never before been seen?

Consider the definition of child abuse from federal agencies themselves - when those responsible for a child's welfare knowingly or by omission inflict physical harm on a child. Although I am no lawyer, the fact that no safety studies have examined how existing levels of vaccines "additives" could affect current and future child health, could potentially be construed as child abuse by negligence.

For instance if I, a medical academic, but also a non-government funded, mother of four young children, can find enough evidence to write two major books on the subject, surely one or more of the highly paid government scientists in charge of the childhood immunization program should be able to do the same. If not, at least examine the evidence from the thousands of existing peer-reviewed scientific papers available, and adopt the precautionary principle to make vaccination optional until further studies shed more light on the situation.


After discovering that her children's problems may have been due to the chemicals present in vaccines, rather than waiting for any change of policy from the government, Annie has spent the last few days avidly reading up on ways in which to reverse this damage. She has also been researching ways to exempt her children from future vaccines. While she knows she cannot undo all of the seemingly vaccine-induced damage done to her children, she has already seen a glimmer of promise following even a few days of appropriate supplements. Although small, it has even been enough to give her hopes of one day resurrecting her dream of having another child.

While that dream may just have come that bit too late for her, one thing that can be said for certain: no child of hers will ever get the needle again.

About Author Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton

Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton

Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton is a medical doctor who holds an academic doctorate in human metabilism from the University of Oxford. She is a visiting fellow in Occupational and Environmental Health at Stirling University in Scotland and an advisor to the Soil Association, the UK's organic certification body. Dr Baillie-Hamilton's extensive work on chemical toxins and organic foods has been published in international medical journals.

Her critically acclaimed book, 'The Body Restoration Plan', was published in the US in 2003 by Avery Books and in the UK by Michael Joseph under the title, The Detox Diet. Paula's second book is known as 'Stop the 21st Century Killing You' in the UK (Random House, January 2005) and as 'Toxic Overload' in the US (Penguin Putnam June 2005). This book looks at the wider issue of the ways in which 21st century living damages our health, and outlines ways in which to adapt and thrive in our new and toxic environment.

Visit Dr. Baillie-Hamilton's website.

Reprinted with permission. This article orginally published by Phenomena Entertainment Group LLC.

Updated: May 23, 2011

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