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Sytec Health, LLC Releases First Universal Electronic Medical Record

Systec has announced it's release of the newest gadget with privacy concerns. While this new technology is being touted as a new potentially life saving device, the privacy concerns are monumental and should not be taken lightly.

Who will have access to these records once they are scanned in? How will they be used? Do the rights to them expire after a certain amount of time? Just how are they being protected? Will insurance carriers have access to them?

These questions and many more should come immediately to mind and answers need to be forthcoming before you run right out and plunk down your hard-earned cash. More importantly since all that this device amounts to is a USB stick with your medical profile, what prevents Joe Smuck from stealing the device, accessing the information and assuming your identity?

Sytec Health, LLC Presents LifeKey

Sytec Health introduces the first electronic medical record that can be viewed in every emergency room without the need to install proprietary hardware or software. But, this is only half of the solution.

By using a portable USB Flash drive called LifeKey, people can now have their medical records with them at all times. LifeKey is small and easy to carry on a keychain or neck cord. In a medical emergency LifeKey provides critical information about a patient's medical history, which is vital to their treatment. This discovery promises to revolutionize the quality of care a patient receives in the ER.

According to Daniel L. West M.D., FACC of West Shore Cardiology in Muskegon, Michigan, "An all too frequent and potentially life threatening handicap is my inability to access critical health care information in a timely fashion. Details I need to make decisions within minutes can literally take days or weeks to obtain." It is during these critical minutes that a doctor is handicapped by our paper-based medical record system. LifeKey bridges the time gap and provides urgent care answers during this critical time period.

45,000 to 98,000 people die each year because of drug interactions, according to the Department of Health & Human Services. Studies have proven that having your medical records available in the early minutes of an emergency will dramatically improve the accuracy of the diagnosis, reduce medial treatment costs, and improve the overall quality of care that a patient receives.

Unlike other attempts to create portable medical records, LifeKey doesn't require either the doctor or the patient to enter data into a computer program. Instead, the patient's medical records are scanned into legal electronic duplicates of the original patient paper record. Using a patent pending technology, LifeKey then presents the records to a doctor as an electronic medical chart.

Although the idea of electronic medical records is high on the Bush administration's agenda, physicians have been resistant to change because of the significant learning curve required to master a complicated new computer application. LifeKey overcomes this problem by presenting electronic records that have the look and feel of the familiar paper record.

LifeKey is offered as a subscription service. Neither the patient nor the doctor has to do any work other than send photocopies of the records to Sytec Health. Sytec Health, the parent company for LifeKey, does all the document input and maintains and updates the patient's records. LifeKey is available for $197 and can be purchased from LifeKey.

For more information contact:
Randy Van Ittersum,
CEO Sytec Health LLC 18286 W. Spring Lake Rd.
Spring Lake, MI 49456
Phone: 800-824-2365

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