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Homemade Baby Formula

by: Annette M. Hall

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How It All Began

My grandson was born with a viral infection and spent the first ten-days of his life in a hospital incubator connect to all sorts of tubes. My daughter-in-law, (his mother) was able to breast feed him for a short time, but put him on infant formula when she went back to work, he was around a month old.

The child was sickly from the beginning and anytime he was taken out shopping or to the doctor, he would end up getting sick all over again. He couldn't seem to tolerate any of the baby formulas they had him on. We tried Similac, Isomil, Carnation Good Start and several others. His little tummy was always upset and he would spit up most of what he drank. To say I was concerned is an understatement.

In those days, we kept all of our "Well Baby" check-ups with the doctor and the child simply was not very alert, wasn't gaining weight at the rate he should have. The doctor said he was below the 50th percentile and he seemed lethargic most of the time. I was very worried about him, so I began seeking alternatives.

Homeopathy Works

A Homemade Baby Formula

It was at this time that I was exposed to the benefits of homeopathy for the first time. My grandson was listless, with a low-grade fever on that day. He was coughing and wasn't sleeping well, so I bundled him up out of desperation and took him to a friend's house. My friend checked him over and pulled out some Antimonium Tartaricum, gave him a couple of tablets under his tongue. I swear to you, within five minutes he was smiling, happy, not coughing and his eyes were bright. It was the best I had seen him looking in weeks. The transformation was impressive.

That was only the beginning. When I explained the trouble I was having with his baby formula and how worried I was, my friend loaned me a book to read. To be honest I don't remember the name of it but it gave me a new determination and a new direction to follow.

This book was written in the early 1960's and contained information about raising smart babies and it talked about how it was crucial that infants get proper nutrition, in order to develop their brains and make proper neurological connections. I was sold. So, the first thing I did was convert what the book said every child needs to develop properly into today's common measurements, then I went comparison shopping.

I made a trip to our local grocery store, with my list in hand. My mission was to check every single baby formula on the shelves to see if their nutritional value measured up. What I found both shocked and angered me. There was not one single can of baby formula that came close to being nutritionally sound. I would go so far to say that I wouldn't feed the stuff to my dog, let alone my child and here I had been feeding him this stuff for over a month.

I went home angry and determined to give my grandson the best start in life as was humanly possible. I knew that breast-feeding was the best for him but since I physically was not able to breast-feed him, I had to find an alternative; the sooner the better.

The book contained several recipes for baby formula but they all contained things that I was not familiar with, so I did the next best thing and combined several of their formulas, adding what I knew of nutrition with what was actually available on today's health food shelves. I consulted with the experts at our local health food stores and several others who gave me invaluable advice.

Before I give you the formula I used, please understand that while I have studied nutrition extensively, I am not certified, nor qualified to give advice and I am not a doctor, simply a concerned grandmother, trying to do the best I could for my grandson, when the medical community seemed unable to help. Please seek medical advice from your physician, a nutritionist or other trusted professional.

Homemade Baby Formula

DHA and ARA in Infant Formula - Linked to Infant Illness

Updated October 19, 2014

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