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Grandma Says Organic Diet is Best for Baby

by: Kathy Cook

Fresh Goat's Milk

I am a grandmother of a wonderful 3-month-old little girl. From her second week I had been concerned about her getting enough milk from her mothers breast.

She would nurse for 15-minutes then pull away and scream. She would return to the breast and nurse for a very short time and again pull away and scream. After a couple minutes of this, her mother would try to console her for the next 15-minutes with baby Ruth crying and screaming the entire time. Then she would return to nursing and the baby would nurse till falling asleep.

She would only sleep an hour and then be ready to nurse again. I asked a mother of 10 and a chapter leader of The Weston A. Price Foundation for advice.

Essential Fats

I was very concerned that the baby was starving. My friend told me that the mother needs to drink lots of milk (real milk, not that junk at Wal-mart or Giant) get lots of veggies and good fat, like butter and cream in her diet. Since we all already drink the real milk, I asked her how much milk should she be drinking. She said 1 to 2 quarts a day.

Well my daughter in-law and my son were only drinking about half a gallon a week. I shared this information with them and immediately, mother increased her milk intake as well as her other foods. Within a week we noticed a remarkable change in baby Ruth. Mom could see her change in just her milk.

Things were going well until mother became very ill about a week ago. She was too sick (stomach virus or food poison) to nurse for a couple days. Dad and I took over the care of Ruth and we quickly used up the milk mom had been pumping and storing. We have been using one 4-oz bottle a day of goat milk to supplement till mom's milk supply was enough. We are using 1/3 water to 2/3 raw goat milk with nothing added.

Essential Nutrients

Now that we need to use more goat milk in a day I have been very concerned about the lack of Iron and folic acid in the goat milk. So I began my search for help and support on a goat milk formula.

Your story is dear to my heart, I thought I was over worrying and off track in the beginning, but I had such a nagging feeling in my gut, that I just had to do something. Now here we are, needing to use some kind of formula and the other mother-in-law says to her daughter "why can't you just give her formula (store bought) millions of kids drink it and they are fine."

Fresh mother's milk

Mothers Milk is Best

My son and daughter-in-law do not want to give her bought formula. I am so worried and desperately do not want them to use corporate formula.

I am not new to not trusting corporate foods. I have been eating organic, and from a local farm for the last 4 ½ years. We drink real (raw) milk, I make my own butter from the cream, we get cheese, yogurt and many more value added foods from my farmer. The health of our nation is at risk by trusting the FDA and government.

I know all the facts about real milk and yet when I am doing my search for goat milk formula, and feeding to infants, they warn against it. I know the truth and yet they can put fear into me. Reading your story, has reassured me that what ever we do, it will be much better for Ruth then anything that the commercial market has to offer, even the organic formulas.

I have learned much about "Politically Correct Nutrition" and how upside down it is through "Nourishing Traditions The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats," by Sally Fallon. You can learn more about her and Real Milk at The Weston A. Price Foundation

Sally has made it her mission to educate others on Dr. Weston Price's research on traditional foods and the nutrition they provide. She is lobying to have soy formula taken off the market and made illegal in the United State for children. I believe you will find a lot of good information there, and help to spread the word.

Thank you for sharing your story... I know God led me to it.

Kathy Cook

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for sharing your story. I know just how distressing it can be to know that something is wrong and feel you have the answer to the problem, yet be terrified to act on your instincts. The FDA and their ilk have succeeded in bullying parents (and grandparents) into following their corrupt and distainful advice for too many years now. They prey on our fears and doubts.

My grandson almost died because I was afraid to do anything different. I've read all their warnings about feeding infants anything except commerically prepared formulas and thinking about it still today (12 years later) makes me angry.

It wasn't until I began to compare nutritional charts and ingredient lists that I really began to realize that those infant formulas they are peddling on consumers, are pure garbage, not fit for swine to consume, let alone our precious children.

Sound nutrition is essential for a healthy child. It is in those first few months when the brain is still developing and making connections that it is critical that an infant receive proper nutrition. Commercial infant formulas are high in fat content but lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients. How could they possibly provide everything an infant needs? They come in a powder for crying out loud.

It's time we start using our common sense. Your story warms my heart and gives me hope for the future of children around the world. Give your sweet little girl lots of hugs and kisses and keep giving her the things she needs. We, as parents need to learn to trust ourselves more and stop relying on others to make decisions for us, for the sake of our children.

God Bless,

Updated November 27, 2010

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