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Homemade Baby Formula

by: Annette M. Hall

So many readers have responded with their comments and questions that I've selected a few interesting e-mails to post for all you anxious moms. Just keep in mind that you know your child better than anyone else. Learn to trust yourself to do what's best for your child and above all keep asking questions.

Homemade Baby Formula Mail Bag

E-mail your questions and comments!

Let's Have Healthy Children

Hi Annette,

Just wanted to touch back with you- I had emailed you a while ago with concerns about my daughter not liking the taste of the formula...

Well, I just wanted to let you know that your answer was extremely helpful and she did end up taking the formula with no problems what-so-ever (I guess her little taste buds just had to get used to it!)

Lyilah was 7 months when I stopped breastfeeding/started her on the homemade formula and she has continued growing and developing perfectly. She is now soon-to-be 2 years old and is one of the smartest and healthiest kids in, and even slightly above, her age group (and it's not just me who says so either! haha)

Finding your recipe was such a blessing and I can't thank you enough, again, for sharing it with the world. Hoping you and your grandson are well!

With love,
Kenya P.

Dear Kenya,

Thank you so much for letting me know how well your daughter is going. I am so happy for you and mostly for her. Giving our children the best start in life possible is what it's all about. Just be sure to keep up the great work.

Things I recommend she stay away from:

Also, be sure to buy as much organic food as your budget can stand. :) We do the best we can to avoid GMO foods.

Thanks again,

Let's Have Healthy Children

Hi Annette,

I think the name of the book you are looking for is "Let's Have Healthy Children", by Adelle Davis. I found it in about the 1970's. I enjoyed it and checked some of the information. I just read comments from people that blame Ms. Davis for health problems due to overdosing on vitamins, which they say she recommended. I read all her books and don't remember any extreme dosing. However it has obviously been many years. It was good reading but not necessary if you cannot find it.

My suggestion is always use common sense, research and then come to your own conclusion. If you believe in God, pray about it.

Homemade Infant Formula Mail Bag

I gave all my books away, so I had to create a baby formula from the best of my memory and research. I did look to commercial formulas for the nutritional information. Then I went to a health food store and bought what I needed. The last time I did this was in 1996 for my last daughter.

I often served orange juice formula to my children even when they were teenagers. It was based on 'Orange Julius'. I used powdered milk, a little water, frozen concentrate orange juice and brewer's yeast. My kids enjoyed and liked it. Now that they are adults I am not sure they would still like the flavor. My point in sharing this is that children accept things differently than adults (for the person concerned about the taste).

For my recipe, (the following is not complete, because I don't remember, but it is some of the ingredients. (1996 recipe): Rice Dream fortified rice milk (we have a history of allergies to cow's milk, goats milk, and soy). The rice milk added very little nutritional value, but I did count it in the nutritional requirements. I never added sugar (rice milk has enough sugar on its own). The rice milk was basically just the liquid to carry the nutrition through a bottle. I added brewer's yeast, and supplements.

I gave my child vitamins E, A&D, and oil (I don't remember which specific oil, but it would have been a healthy choice form a health food store. I wasn't knowledgeable about the value of olive oil at that time, but I would use it now) blended, off a baby spoon directly into her mouth, so the oil would not cling to the sides of the bottle.

I also added powdered vitamin C, mixed with a little water, off a spoon right before she had the bottle so the vitamin C wouldn't irritate her mouth or teeth. The brewers yeast was the protein, B vitamins and trace minerals. I also gave other supplements, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Like I said I don't remember all of them. Brains need 'sugar', I assume that was your reason for the molasses, including it is a source of iron and other trace nutrients. I just chose other options to supply those needs. My son is older than my youngest daughter. We did not discover he was allergic to milk until he was 16 (a long different story). Once we discovered that we tried lactose free milks, soy, and goats, he can only tolerate soy. However, my grandchildren can't do cows or soy. So we are limited for protein, thus the brewers yeast (not baker's yeast!). It was an easy recipe, and my daughter thrived on it.

I highly recommend trying homemade formula, the recipe from this site seems very complete and highly regarded. It wouldn't work for us because of our milk allergies. Use your own good sense and research. Reading commercial formula labels is not all bad for the nutritional requirements but I certainly wouldn't use the ingredients they use.

I am not any type of medical person, just a mother and grandmother trying to do my best.

Thank you for your help.


Dear Pat,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope others will be encouraged by your words.

Warm Regards,

Formula Recommendation

Are there any brands of pre-made baby formula you would recommend?

Thank you for your time. You are an inspiration to many and an encouragement to others, when so many of us just purchase commercial formual and pray that all will work out.

Dear Michael,

I think that making your own baby formula is a pretty strong statement against mass produced baby formula. I would not have even attempted to make it on my own, if I had been able to find anything on the market that met the nutritional needs of my grandson.

Granted, my grandson is 14 now, so things could have changed but I would be very surprised. :)

Warm Regards,

Child Doesn't Like the Formula

Hi Annette,

I'm having a problem getting my 7-month-old daughter to like the taste of your formula.

After spending the amount of money I did on the ingredients, I am determined to figure out a way to get her to drink it. I'm pretty sure it's the molasses that she doesn't like the taste of. Do you have any suggestions on an alternative source of iron and the other benefits from molasses? I was thinking of trying Floradix, but I'm not sure of exactly what would be the safest for a 7 month old. If you can, please let me know your thoughts.

Your information and recipe is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Take care, Kenya Piro, Doggy Downtime

Dear Kenya,

I started my grandson on my homemade formula when he was 3-months old. 7-months is kind of late to be introducing a new infant formula to your child. She has pretty much figured out what she likes and doesn't like. They say it takes (if I remember correctly) 10 times for a child to try a new food before they develop a taste for something.

Don't automatically suspect the molasses, it could well be the goats milk. It's an aquired taste but very young children don't seem to mind it. I know many parents, who have switched kids over to whole cows milk around this age because they grew tired of dealing with commercial formulas. This is not recommended by doctors.

Try it without the molasses, see if she will drink it. You could try adding yogurt or other flavors to her formula. In fact, if you are making up a blender full, you can prepare a blender full, then add stuff like bananas, apple juice or other to an individual bottle, just in case you have to dump it.

You can try omitting things one at a time, keep very good records. Then when you find out what it is she doesn't like, you can try to find a substitute for it. Just be sure to have her on a good multi-vitaman or whole food supplement.

There are also other types of milk available and flavored rice milks. Those weren't available years ago. Talk to your health food expert, they can be a terrific resource.

You might also consider using whatever your child is used to drinking and gradually switching over to the new formula. I doubt it's the molasses but you can try it without add it to see if it makes a difference. As for the "Floradiz," I've never heard of it, so I really can't comment.

I wish you luck. At this point in the game, make sure the foods your child is eating is as natural and nutritious as possible. Do your best to avoid chemical additives, preservatives and make your own baby food if you can. Don't worry about wasting the money, you can always use the ingredients for other things and most parents with young children eventually realize, you will waste a lot of money on the kids over the years. Get used to it. :)

Warm Regards,

Updated August 10, 2011

The posts contained on these pages are made by regular people, with regular problems. Nothing contained on these pages should be considered medical advice -- we are not medical professionals. We are simply parents sharing our experiences with other parents. Your mileage may vary. Please consult with your medical professional for help with your medical problems.

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