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Homemade Baby Formula Mail Bag

by: Annette M. Hall

Complicated Instructions

Complicated Instructions - Homemade Infant Formula

I just read your posting regarding infant formula and wanted to contact you. I have a 2-month-old that I am nursing but am also having to supplement with formula and it kills me. Every time he has formula he cries; he has gas and is in pain no matter which one we try. I am convinced commercial formulas are completely nutritionally deficient but all the homemade formula recipes I see are so complicated I'm sure to mess them up.

When I saw your recipe it gave me some hope. Did you give your grandson this formula for the entire year? Did you use raw goat milk? And how is your grandson now? What a lucky guy to have you for a grandmother!

Thank you for your posting and hope to hear from you.

Larissa and Henry

Dear Larissa,

I didn't start my Grandson on my formula until he was almost 5-months old. I just didn't know what to do and it was my last desperate attempt to help him. I had tried every formula on the market at that time and he couldn't tolerate any of them. I was very nervous about going that route. I too was afraid I would screw up.

However, after I checked the nutritional contents of what he had been drinking... Every single can of formula on the shelf, I was convinced I couldn't do any worse for him than these companies were. They should be ashamed of themselves for selling that crap. It's horrid stuff and part of the reason so many children are in poor health. Of that I am convinced.

I started him out on powdered goats milk but I wasn't convinced that that was much better for him, so I switched to canned goats milk. When I found out I could get it fresh in the dairy, I switched and never went back. I had tried to find a goat farmer but it was more difficult in those days - I didn't know to look on the computer at that time and the Internet was still pretty young, so we didn't have quite so much information available to us.

If you can find a goat farmer in your area see if you can buy it fresh. You can do this for your son. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to your child. Look in his eyes, talk to him all day long. You will know when your son is healthy; you can see it in his eyes.

I would recommend that you find a homeopath in your area and try to have your son seen by him or her. Be very careful if you have to take him to the dr. some aren't very enlightened and may turn you in for child abuse. :) I know it sounds ridiculous but it happens. I used homeopathic remedies with my son after I saw them work on him in five minutes flat. I was so impressed I never went back to the regular doctor. There are three books that I will recommend to you - then be sure to use them often.

Recommended Books

Best wishes to you and your son!
~Annette M. Hall

Raw Milk vs. Goats Milk

Hello Mrs. Hall,

I have a two-month-old child who is doing okay on commercial formula but I don't feel comfortable spending so much on something that could possibly poison my child. I was unable to continue breastfeeding due to lack of lactation. I simply was not producing enough milk and when I finally gave up on breastfeeding and went solely to formula I didn't even feel any discomfort when my breasts dried up.

Raw Milk vs. Goats Milk - Homemade Infant Formula

I would like to provide him with a more viable future through good wholesome natural nutrition. I have done some minor research into making his formula from scratch, but I have been dissuaded by such ingredients as liver, raw milk, and certain expensive powders, and gelatin. I was relieved to find such a simple recipe in your article. It makes clear sense.

Here are my concerns with today's state of food quality in our nation. I want him to only have organic pasteurized milk. I feel raw milk is a risk I am not willing to take. I do not agree with giving a child gelatin as it is made from meat by products and I am genuinely concerned with the almost certain traces of hormones and antibiotics that would be introduced to my child's system.

I am also concerned with mad cow which is found in the spinal and brain material of animals infected, so most certainly might find its way into a package of gelatin. I also am very opposed to the idea of feeding my child any of the organ meats from any animal as the concentration of generations of pesticide use from any farm whether (now) certified organic or not, is bound to show up in the present liver from days gone by.

All that being said, I am very pleased to give your recipe a try, however I first would like your feedback on a few things I might change in your recipe as well.

I would like your opinion on substituting organic cows milk for the goats milk due to decreased availability in my area. Also, what about the wheat germ? Can it be substituted with something else, or omitted all together? My son will do fine on wheat germ I suspect but my sisters children are suffering from that disorder where wheat is toxic to them. That is all I would change or substitute in your recipe.

Also, as a brief side note: I have noted the increased incidence in autism, 1 in 166 children is diagnosed with some form of autism. From the symptoms you describe your grandson exhibiting before your homemade formula solution, he most certainly would have been diagnosed with a form of autism if it had not disappeared before 18 months. I would be curious to see what drastically changing the diets of a large controlled group of infants would do for that case rate amongst the participants. My guess would be very little incidence of autism, allergies, and similar developmental problems, possibly no incidence of stated conditions. More research should be done.

Thank you for your insightfulness,


Store Bought - Better?

Dear Gina,

I've never heard of giving a child gelatin and I share your concerns.

As for the wheat germ, I ended up removing it over time. It's been ten years since I made the formula, so I recommend that you do some research into what the benefits of wheat germ are, then decide if you can remove it altogether or provide a substitute...especially if allergies are a concern.

I would highly recommend that you avoid giving your child cows milk of any kind. I don't recall the specifics, but I do remember reading about the goats bone structure being more closely related to humans than a cows and for some reason that made a difference.

The information you have received on raw milk most likely came from our wonderful government, who is extremely biased against raw milk. The pasteurization process completely destroys any benefits of drinking milk. I am lactose intolerant but the raw milk does not have the same effect on me. If you decide to feed your infant milk, please check into feeding not just "organic" milk but "raw" milk.

Please take the time to read more about it. I was facinated at what I learned. Read especially the part on why milk is pasturized.

Best wishes,
~Annette M. Hall

Homemade Formula Dangerous

I just read your letter about your grandson and your homemade baby formula. I am sitting here in tears of frustration that I had to stop breastfeeding my baby at six months and it's been four months of formula feeding which I have hated every minute of.

I have been told by doctors that it could be dangerous to give any type of homemade formula but I feel the same way you did about these pathetic commercial formulas. My baby Joshua is having a hard time with every single one I have tried. I have some questions I would love to ask you, is there any way you would consider sending me your phone number so I can call you. I won't take too much of your time.

By the way my heart sings that you were able to help your adorable little grandson and that must of been the best feeling in the world. Bless you.

Thank you,

Tina and I had a wonderful conversation. Thanks for writing Tina.

Updated November 26, 2010

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