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We have some real problems and they are only going to get worse. We have a right to know what we are eating. People are getting allergies, this isn't normal folks. If we don't pay attention to what's happening, in our food supply, to our farmers, the plants, and ultimately our grocery store we are going to wake up one day and realize we trusted the health of our children and the health of our families to the government. And the government let us down.

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by Helen Pearson

December 21, 2004

Radiation from mobile or cellular phones harms the DNA in human cells, according to an extensive, pan-European laboratory study.

Controversy has raged for years over whether the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones can trigger tumours or Alzheimer's disease, or can otherwise harm human health.

Red Nova News

December 20, 2004

A proposed revamp of the Virginia Division of Forensic Science, to be unveiled today by the State Crime Commission, reflects mounting calls for more independent scrutiny of the nations crime labs.

The Virginia lab, like many, is largely self-regulated. Too few judges, lawyers, and juries understand the science behind the use of DNA testing as a crime-fighting tool. Too many mistakenly regard it as unassailable and infallible.


by Annette M. Hall

December 18, 2004

For those who suffer daily the debilitating effects of chronic pain, finding a safe choice within the medical community remains a myth.

Don't bother to look toward the FDA or the US government for protection. The pharmaceutical industry provides major funding to political candidates each year, buying the silence of those with the power to effect consumer safety and rein in the FDA.

The Washington Post

by Marc Kaufman

December 16, 2004

Almost one-fifth of the Food and Drug Administration scientists surveyed two years ago as part of an official review said they had been pressured to recommend approval of a new drug despite reservations about its safety, effectiveness or quality.

The survey of almost 400 scientists also found that a majority had significant doubts about the adequacy of federal programs to monitor prescription drugs once they are on the market, and that more than a third were not particularly confident of the agency's ability to assess the safety of a drug.

Telegraph News (UK)

December 15, 2004

Professor Dick van Velzen will not be prosecuted over his alleged role in the retention of babies' organs at the Liverpool hospital, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

The Dutch pathologist is accused of secretly taking hundreds of organs from children who died at the hospital between 1989 and 1995.

Outlook India

December 15, 2004

The Andhra Pradesh High Court today rejected a writ petition seeking to allow harvesting the organs of a patient suffering from incurable Muscular Dystrophy.

Organs can be harvested only from a brain dead patient and the law does not provide for transplanting organs from a person who is still alive.

Daily Times (Pakistan)

by Miguel Loureiro

December 12, 2004

Europe isn't sure. It's recommending trials, more research and caution. Japanese consumer groups sent a petition with more than a million signatures to the Canadian minister of agriculture to ban genetically modified wheat in Canada. Even poorer nations a

The bulk of research and lobbying on biotechnology is being done by a handful of multinationals: Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemicals, Advanta, Bayer AG, BASF, and Singenta (formerly Novartis and AstraZeneca). All these giants were, at one time or another, involved in the creation of some of the most harmful products in our life on Earth: heroin, the atom bomb, napalm, agent orange, and other chemical weapons.

The New Standard

by Lila Bernstein

December 11, 2004

To the dismay of pharmaceutical companies, a consumer protection organization yesterday launched a free website designed to provide prescription drug users and their doctors information about the comparative safety, effectiveness and price of medicines.

The initial release of the website hosts information about three categories of pharmaceuticals: cholesterol-lowering medicines; heartburn, ulcer and acid reflux remedies; and drugs to help with arthritis and pain. The website features downloadable reports comparing the various available medicines in each category and offers plainly written details about the available studies, issues to take into account when patients and doctors discuss the drugs, and cost-saving tips.

BBC News (Wales)

December 6, 2004

A man who went to a north Wales hospital for injections to treat arthritis contracted the MRSA bug and died within a week.

An inquest at Wrexham heard that 57-year-old Nigel Pritchard had been quite well before his visit to Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Six days after having injections there, he was rushed back by ambulance and died.

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

by James Meikle

December 6, 2004

Unborn children may be at risk from the shampoos and hand lotions used by their pregnant mothers, it was claimed yesterday.

A chemical commonly used in these toiletries can affect the growth of structures in the immature nerve cells of rats, according to researchers at Pittsburgh University in the United States.

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