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We have some real problems and they are only going to get worse. We have a right to know what we are eating. People are getting allergies, this isn't normal folks. If we don't pay attention to what's happening, in our food supply, to our farmers, the plants, and ultimately our grocery store we are going to wake up one day and realize we trusted the health of our children and the health of our families to the government. And the government let us down.

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Don't take your families health for granted. Whether your child has been diagnosed with autism, ADD, ADHD, or you were taking harmful drugs like Vioxx. You take your families health concerns seriously. Find the latest health news updates you can't afford to miss.

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BBC News (UK)

by Claire Prentice

March 12, 2009

It is the most iconic image of the 1929 Wall Street Crash: financiers, having lost their fortunes, jumping to their deaths from the windows of skyscrapers.

"People think econocide is a problem on Wall Street but it is also affecting people on Main Street, ordinary families who have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings," says Dr Leslie Seppinni, who has treated 14 people with suicidal feelings related to the economy in the last two months.

Click on Detroit (MI)

by Steven Reinberg

July 16, 2011

A new study of the frequency of developing potentially deadly blood clots during long air trips finds many at risk.

"In a group of low- to moderate-risk individuals, who took prolonged plane flights, the incidence of blood clots in the legs or in the lung was around 1 percent," says Dr. Richard Beasley, the lead researcher from the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand.

November 22, 2013

"Juan, fasten your seat belt," Judge Andrew Napolitano warned liberal Juan Williams before he flabbergasted Williams with a lecture on the Constitution.

"You have abandoned the whole notion of conservatism tonight," a shocked Williams responded to the judge's lecture. "You have abandoned the notion that the Constitution means what it says," Napolitano retorted.

PJ Media

by Ed Driscoll

July 4, 2012

A comparison: July 4, 1776 - July 4, 2012

On July 4, 1776, the American colonists declared independence from an overbearing king and legislature that imposed their will upon them without any regard for their petitions. "We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us," states the Declaration of Independence. Sound familiar? A defiant president and a Congress controlled by Democrats granted themselves an unwarranted jurisdiction when they, the Democrats only, passed ObamaCare. "Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury," the Declaration states. Sound familiar?

The American Spectator

by Thomas Sowell

December 20, 2012

Obama remains oblivious to lessons China and India learned the hard way.

The political slogan "Forward" served Barack Obama well during this year's election campaign. It said that he was for going forward, while Republicans were for "going back to the failed policies that got us into this mess in the first place." It was great political rhetoric and great political theater. Moreover, the Republicans did virtually nothing to challenge its shaky assumptions with a few hard facts that could have made those assumptions collapse like a house of cards. More is involved than this year's political battles. The word "forward" has been a political battle cry on the left for more than a century. It has been almost as widely used as the left's other favorite word, "equality," which goes back more than two centuries.

by Joanna Blythman

December 17, 2012

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson rounded on critics of GM technology as 'humbugs' last week, and insisted GM food should be grown and sold widely in Britain.

During the course of his ringing endorsement, he managed to spark outrage and alarm by claiming 'there isn't a single piece of meat being served [in a typical London restaurant] where a bullock hasn't eaten some GM feed'. His belligerent intent was quite clear. The message he wanted to get across was that GM crops are already here and in the food chain, there's nothing to fear - and nothing we can do about it.

by Lawrence Meyers

July 7, 2012

This brings us to that bastion of balanced journalism, PBS's "Frontline", which offered a gross misrepresentation of Medicaid dentistry in this country in their June 26 episode.

"Dollars and Dentists" goes laughingly out of its way to bow at the altar of free health care and criticize for-profit providers who have provided a solution to a lack of dental care for low-income families. The show was a parody of "investigative journalism", trotting out a rogue's gallery of Typical Sympathetic Victims: poor people, the toothless, old ladies who are hard of hearing, screaming children, the undereducated, and crusading public officials. "Correspondent" Miles O'Brien accomplished this with the assistance of the Center for Public Integrity, an organization funded by a slew of Leftist charitable organizations.

by Occupy Monsanto

February 10, 2013

Farmer: 'I really don't consider it as David and Goliath. I think of it in terms of right and wrong'

75 year old Indiana soybean farmer, Vernon Hugh Bowman, is taking agriculture giant Monsanto to the supreme court over one of the most "systemic crisis" in modern farming: who controls the rights to the seeds planted in the ground. Farmer Hugh Bowman on his Sandborn, Ind. farm. "I really don't consider it as David and Goliath. I don't think of it in those terms. I think of it in terms of right and wrong," said the farmer in a recent interview.

by Sebastian Murdock

July 18, 2014

A New York resident died Thursday after police officers put the man, who was asthmatic, in a choke-hold before apparently slamming his head on the ground

The New York Daily News obtained exclusive video of the incident, which shows Staten Island man Eric Garner, 43, begging officers to let him breathe as he lies on the ground helpless. Now, his family is demanding accountability from the NYPD. Police said Garner, who was a married father of six children, died of a heart attack during the arrest, according to The Associated Press. The NYPD said Garner had been seen selling untaxed cigarettes, and that he had been arrested before for the same offense.

Personal Liberty Alerts

by Ben Bullard

October 9, 2013

One wonders how long it will be before we start reading stories about people getting arrested merely for coming within eyesight or snapping photos at the entrance gate at one of these off-limits public lands the Administration of President Barack Obama is punitively closing down during the phony Federal government shutdown. A Massachusetts newspaper reported Tuesday on the "Gestapo" treatment locals received at the hands of Federal officers on a vacation trip out to Yellowstone National Park. Unlike earlier reports from the National Mall in Washington, D.C., where veterans seemed able to exercise their collective will to thwart Park Service officials who were "guarding" barricaded monuments, these people were actually rounded up and held at gunpoint in a Yellowstone park hotel.

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