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We have some real problems and they are only going to get worse. We have a right to know what we are eating. People are getting allergies, this isn't normal folks. If we don't pay attention to what's happening, in our food supply, to our farmers, the plants, and ultimately our grocery store we are going to wake up one day and realize we trusted the health of our children and the health of our families to the government. And the government let us down.

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Don't take your families health for granted. Whether your child has been diagnosed with autism, ADD, ADHD, or you were taking harmful drugs like Vioxx. You take your families health concerns seriously. Find the latest health news updates you can't afford to miss.

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by Fred Weir

May 24, 2012

The tragic death of a 9-year old Russian-born boy, who was apparently alone in the Nebraska home of his adoptive American parents when it burned down last week, has triggered a renewed outpouring of media outrage in Russia.

"This death raises many questions," Mr. Astakhov wrote on his blog, according to Russian media. "Either the boy was being punished [and for that reason was stuck in the basement during the fire] or he was neglected and got into the basement accidentally. Why the boy was locked in the basement and why he could not get out is something we will ask the US attorneys."

Albany CPS and Family Court Examiner

by Daniel Weaver

July 23, 2009

A New Jersey woman, known only as V. M. in court papers, refused to consent to a cesarean section on April 16, 2006 and gave birth the same day to a child, known only as J. M. G in court documents, by normal vaginal delivery.

Even though the child was delivered safely and had no problems due to the birth, Child Protective Services, known in New Jersey as the Division of Youth and Family Services, took baby J. M. G. because the mother had refused a cesarean section.

On July 16, 2009, the appellate division of the New Jersey Superior Court agreed with DYFS and a lower court's decision that Ms. V. M. had neglected and abused her child and the DYFS was correct in taking custody and terminating Ms. V. M.'s parental rights.

May 26, 2014

Several people reported dead near border with Guinea, in country's first outbreak of deadly virus.

All Headline News

by Megan Shannon

April 3, 2007

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing more lax rules for labeling irradiated foods.

The opposition says this measure is misleading for customers while the FDA argues that if the food makeup is not changed by being zapped with radiation then people do not need to know. For example, if the taste, texture, smell or shelf life of food is altered it would require a label.

Alliance for Human Research Protection

by Vera Sharav

May 5, 2009

Merck is reported to have created a fake "peer-reviewed" journal to present favorable data that made its potentially fatal drugs--Fosamax and Vioxx--look good.

Documents uncovered during the Australian class action lawsuit involving 1,000 consumers, against Merck & Co and its Australian subsidiary, Merck Sharpe and Dohme, are shocking even to hardened critics of pharmaceutical industry corrupt practices. Reports are swirling about Merck's underhanded marketing scheme evidently cooked up to mislead doctors into prescribing its potentially fatal drugs--Fosamax (for osteoporosis) and Vioxx (for pain).

Alliance for Human Research Protection

by Gardiner Harris

February 12, 2005

The tension surrounding a crucial federal drug advisory committee meeting, reached a boil when Senator Charles E. Grassley charged that federal drug regulators intended to suppress an important study.

The panel has been convened to discuss whether Celebrex and Bextra, heavily selling arthritis pills from Pfizer, hurt the heart and are worth their potential risks. But top officials of the Food and Drug Administration have forbidden Dr. David Graham, a drug-safety officer at the agency, to discuss before the panel a large study of that very question, said Dr. Gurkirpal Singh of Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Graham's co-author.

Alliance for Human Research Protection

May 16, 2004

A lawsuit initiated by Dr. David Franklin, a whistleblower, has been settled: Pfizer pleaded guilty to criminal fraud in the promotion of Neurontin, and agreed to pay $430 million.

This case is but an example of contemporary drug marketing, demonstrating that the current system--as overseen under the stewardship of the FDA--encourages rather than discourages fraudulent marketing of ineffective, even dangerous drugs.

Neurontin was approved for limited use as a supplemental anti-seizure treatment for epilepsy, but was promoted by Lambert-Warner (now Pfizer) and a consortium of paid physicians who promoted and prescribed the drug for everything from ADHD, mental illnesses to a variety of pain conditions, including migraine headaches.

ALN Magazine

by Bob Scher

May 2, 2008

How the various radio devices operate harmoniously within the laboratory environment without causing health issues and interference to each other.

Animal care facilities, just like all industrial environments, are exposed to a wide spectrum of electro-magnetic radiation from many different sources. It is important to consider how these emissions could effect animal stress levels and alter their behavior as well as understand how these signals can interfere with each other.

July 30, 2013

Retired police Capt. Peter Christ is about to make more sense about the War on Drugs than anyone you've ever heard in the past. His basic premise is that we need to legalize drugs, but if you're skeptical, just give him a few minutes to convince you.

Highlights include a very honest answer to a commonly asked drug question at 0:54, the easiest question to answer about the War on Drugs at 4:48, the complete destruction of the biggest argument anti-drug advocates use at 7:23, using the Bible to prove the ineffectiveness of prohibition at 13:55, and a rapid-fire debunking of several myths all in one breath at 14:20.

by Damien S. Wilhelmi

June 20, 2013

A team of scientists at the Boston Children's Hospital have invented what is being considered one the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent years.

They have designed a microparticle that can be injected into a person's bloodstream that can quickly oxygenate their blood. This will even work if the ability to breathe has been restricted, or even cut off entirely. This finding has the potential to save millions of lives every year. The microparticles can keep an object alive for up to 30 min after respiratory failure. This is accomplished through an injection into the patients' veins. Once injected, the microparticles can oxygenate the blood to near normal levels. This has countless potential uses as it allows life to continue when oxygen is needed but unavailable. For medical personnel, this is just enough time to avoid risking a heart attack or permanent brain injury when oxygen is restricted or cut off to patients.

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