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We have some real problems and they are only going to get worse. We have a right to know what we are eating. People are getting allergies, this isn't normal folks. If we don't pay attention to what's happening, in our food supply, to our farmers, the plants, and ultimately our grocery store we are going to wake up one day and realize we trusted the health of our children and the health of our families to the government. And the government let us down.

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June 6, 2013

A remote controlled helicopter has been flown through a series of hoops using the power of the human mind.

The feat was achieved by U.S. researchers who are hoping to develop future robots that can help restore the independence of paralysed victims and those suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. According to Professor Bin He, from the University of Minnesota, this it the first time that humans have been able to control the flight of flying robots using just their thoughts.

May 30, 2013

Sun Jifa, a farmer in China, had his life changed forever when an explosive he planned on using for fishing went off prematurely. He lost his arms and when he couldn't afford high-end, hospital-made prosthetics he opted for a cheaper set.

Finding those to be less than acceptable, Sun started building his own pair of arms, which he currently wears. It's an incredible story of ingenuity and personal strength. After creating his own pair of arms Sun started building others. Selling functional prosthetic arms for under $500, he saves people from buying the poor quality ones he was forced to use and helps those who are unable to afford professionally-made ones which can cost up to ten times the price.

May 15, 2012

Disclaimer: Any information obtained here is not to be construed as medical OR legal advice. The decision to vaccinate and how you implement that decision is yours and yours alone.

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by Satya Dev

September 14, 2017

In Egypt, a team of nine scientists from prestigious Egyptian medical schools and universities have found that one in every 50 children in America have metabolic brain disease, and it could be a result of the mercury contained in vaccines.

Mercury exposure is measured by examining children's urinary porphyrins (excreted organic compounds that are biomarkers for mercury toxicity). The presence of mercury within blood and urine exploits the well-known link with vaccines and metabolic brain disease (autism), but the severity of autism is closely linked to the levels of exposure to this harmful neurotoxin.


by David Borden

July 16, 2011

A government-convened panel of scientists in the UK is considering a proposal to use vaccines, currently under development by pharmaceutical corporations, to immunize children against "euphoria" from drugs such as heroin, cocaine and nicotine.

It's only a matter of time until some of our own drug war zealots or anti-drug mad scientists take the idea up here in the US, no matter how dangerous and immoral it is.


by Keila Szpaller

July 16, 2011

Patients like Robin Prosser may be safe from prosecution for possession of marijuana; others may not be so lucky.

Robin Prosser has become Missoula, Montana's poster child for legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana. Two years ago, she sustained a 60-day hunger strike to call attention to the need for legally prescribed marijuana. In May, Prosser, who suffers from severe pain and nausea caused by an immunosuppressive disorder, could no longer endure the chronic pain. She attempted suicide.


by Blair Golson

April 19, 2006

Journalist Michael Pollan talks about fixing our industrial food system, what being a conscientious carnivore means, and how we can really eat healthily.

It became obvious to journalist Michael Pollan in the summer of 2002 that America had a national eating disorder. That July, The New York Times Magazine published an article titled "What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie'" which reported that a growing number of respected nutritional researchers were beginning to conclude that perhaps Dr. Robert Atkins had been right all along: Carbohydrates, not fats, were the cause of America's obesity problem.

by John Vibes

December 30, 2015

As cannabis is taken more seriously as a medicine and a treatment, more people are taking a chance and using it as a treatment for terminal illnesses.

This treatment has had overwhelmingly positive results for countless people who had no other hope of recovery. Every day more stories and scientific studies are appearing from all over the world where people of all ages, even young children, are cured of life-threatening illnesses with cannabis oil.

July 7, 2014

The off-duty officer unloaded 14 shots into a car waiting at a red light.

In the past decade, civil suits against the NYPD have more than doubled, hitting a record high of 9,500 in 2012, according to CBS Local. They've cost taxpayers $1 billion and tend to result from such outstanding police work as making false arrests and shooting people's pets. Now, the city might be on the hook for $90 million thanks to a NYPD officer who allegedly got wasted and started shooting at a stopped car for no apparent reason.

by Lindsay Abrams

October 12, 2013

Among the ostensibly "non-essential" services on hold during the government shutdown is the Food and Drug Administration's food inspection program. As many as 80 food production facilities each day may be going uninspected.

Food coming from outside the U.S. is also going unmonitored. As Food Safety News first reported, meat inspectors at the USDA are still on duty, but food-safety workers at the FDA are not allowed to use their cellphones, check their emails or, most important, inspect imported food. Normally, according to Quartz, the FDA blocks imports from tens of thousands of facilities with records of violations.

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