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Government Plan of Action Spreads Flu Virus

While the federal government spreads propaganda and fans the flames of flu hysteria over the "Swine Flu," and subsequent flu vaccine, they could be doing more harm than good. One should give to pause to wonder, why millions possibly even billions are being spent in advertising, to convince us to vaccinate children and family members.

The Flu Mist nasal spray version of the vaccine is made with a live attenuated virus, which can spread the flu, even to those who remain unvaccinated. Since the virus is a live virus it can be passed from person to person whenever someone sneezes, wipes their nose or coughs.

School children are especially vulnerable since most schools have poor ventilation systems and poor cleanliness standards. Children themselves contribute, since most aren't known for keeping their hands and work surfaces clean.

Government Plan of Action Spreads Flu

The live virus is active for approximately 21-days, after to dose has been administered, which is a lot of time to spread a virus. Those with strong immune systems will fair better than those who are susceptible or have compromised immune systems.

Parents are encouraged not to panic over news reports and hysteria. Common sense should be used. Get all the information you can before you vaccinate your child, be sure to take into account your own child's general health and health history before making a decision.

Parents with children who attend school should check to be sure children are given plenty of opportunity and instruction on hand washing. I've asked my son and his wife to send the kids to school with their own tissues and hand sanitizer. It's also a good idea to take extra Vitamin C & D, at a minimum. A good whole food supplement would also be a good idea — anything you can do to boost their immune systems.

Action Steps for Schools to Prevent the Spread of Flu — teachers should ensure that each desk and surface is cleaned daily with bleach. Most schools probably don't have the budget for that, so parents may want to pitch in and offer to help disinfect the classroom daily.

I find it interesting that parents aren't being warned that children who have had the FluMist version of the vaccine can and will spread the virus and should be kept home for 21-days.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

H1N1 Flu Shots

A note from Mary Tocco...

Please help me educate and empower your families and loved ones. These flu shots will injure so many people who are victims of the media and scare tactics. I tell everyone to ...Look for yourself and make informed vaccine decisions! Here are the vaccine manufacture inserts that you can look up to see what is in the new H1N1 flu shots.

For your information the package inserts provided on this website do not list toxic ingredients in vaccines, but do warn that pregnant women should not take these flu vaccines.

Here is a list compiled from previous flu vaccines:

This H1N1 is not new. Consider these facts:

It all started in 1997-2003

2 previous vaccines have contained the H1N1 virus:

Information is powerful and we need to reach the population with the truth about these flu vaccines. I hope to see many of you at the Autism Conference in just 2 weeks! Renee and I are trying to help bring the necessary changes to the world and can not do it without the help and prayers of all of you.

Thank you for your continued support and a special "Thanks" to those who have sponsored me for a vaccine presentation in your communities! We have reached thousands in the last few months...we are not going away!

God Bless,
Mary Tocco
Childhood Shots
Truth & Honest Information about Toxic Shots

Swine Flu Action Plan

Dr. Renee Tocco and Mary Tocco discuss the concerns about the mandated swine flu vaccine program and how America can take action to stop our government from removing our rights for a very false sense of security.

Your children are counting on you to make informed vaccine decisions. You are required to sign a consent form to get your baby vaccinated. Without this information you do not know what you are consenting too!

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Dr. Renee Tocco and Mary Tocco -- Part 2


Dr. Renee Tocco and Mary Tocco -- Part 3

Learn more about vaccines from World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE).

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