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Shawn K. Hall

Shawn K. Hall
The Heights

Can you believe that *I* recorded a CD? Neither can I.

Of course, nobody has ever actually even seen it except a few close friends, the wife and the kid. Want a copy? It'll cost you shipping (I'll even pay for the CD). Contact me by email if you're interested.

Anyway, here's the songs, in no particular order (actually, it's "/OE" for any of you geeks out there <g>). The WMA's are recorded for like 36k, and I think the MP3's are set for 96k. It's been a while since I recorded them.

Please respect my copyright. I don't care if you listen to the songs or not, but *please* do not try to pawn it off as your own. They are each copyrighted and I really don't want to have to deal with someone screwing with me like that. Call it simple respect. Thank you. :)

All songs copyright Shawn K. Hall ©1994-2003.
Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music) freely.

All Else Remains the Same

Windows Media (1,356 kb) | MP3 (1,340 kb)

Windows Media (2,536 kb) | MP3 (2,512 kb)


Butterfly (Clip)

Windows Media (253 kb) | MP3 (246 kb)



Windows Media (2,682 kb) | MP3 (2,656 kb)

Windows Media (2,593 kb) | MP3 (2,568 kb)



(Written by myself & Travis Hickey)

Windows Media (1,612 kb) | MP3 (1,596 kb)


Last Goodbye's

Windows Media (1,876 kb) | MP3 (1,856 kb)



Windows Media (2,754 kb) | MP3 (2,728 kb)

Windows Media (2,415 kb) | MP3 (2,392 kb)


Scotch Whisky

Windows Media (3,575 kb) | MP3 (3,540 kb)



Windows Media (2,031 kb) | MP3 (2,010 kb)

Windows Media (1,788 kb) | MP3 (1,770 kb)


I've got a couple hundred more songs I'd like to record and put up here, let me know what topics interest you and I'll record and post it. I prefer folk-type music, as you can probably tell. My major influences are The Beatles, Jim Croce, and my good friend Travis Hickey (he's a pretty awesome musician, I just wish he'd record something).

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