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I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

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"Energizer Angel"

©1997 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Written for a woman so easy to fall in love with.

I've passed away a couple times,
i've been dead before, now back in line
in Heaven there i found a land
covered orange with peaceful sand
thereupon my entry i found a pearly gate,
and Michael kept it locked, it wasn't yet my date
i entered and i left there, for it was not yet my time
and back into my body, 3 lives - four and mine
and now again i'm living, where'er i may be
i've found a place of peace and true tranquility
and as the poets listen, and offer up their dreams
i give them out my spirit and in that i am cleansed
my fantasy, my fears, and anything i would
i share them with the angels, if and when i could
i ramble on unending, never whisper "end"
for in my peaceful harmony i've found the best of friends
and in the makers madness he joined me with a foe
and now that unions over and i smile to and fro
for soon will come another and i'll share my soul with her
my spirit never ending, my Angel Energizer.

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music/poetry.asp) freely.

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