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I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

"Fairy Realm"

©1994 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Once as a child i was lost in a forest doomed
the sun soon set and i tripped on a mushroom
at first i felt disoriented when i finally arose
stars above were dancing, grass grew thru my toes
from a nearby tree lurched a thousand sharks
that chased and danced and flew in the dark
a full moon appeared where none had been
i could see the sharks were purple and green
they were so pretty i started dancing
they were so pretty i thought i'd sing
"sharks sharks sharks sharks sharks..."
"they dont wear shoes and they dance in the dark"
"i can't think they'd ever need a shoehorn"
no sooner had the song been sang
then all my new friends had swam away
in hopes someday to be shoehorns?
i sat upon a nearby stump
head in my hands and going to weep
my hands, i saw, were pretty and pink
not at all like those of a statue
but wouldnt it be fun to be a statue
all i need to do is not be me
dont move dont talk dont think dont see
but wait if i dont move then how may i know
how wonderful a statue am i tho
well, i'll just look at me
just look, but if i cannot see
cant move but i need to but i cant tho i must move
but i cant be a statue if i move but i cant be
anything else because i'm a statue
i am but i'm not tho i wish that i were
what does it take to make me what i am
and still be what i want to be
"not me"
when i left the færie realm i was myself again
but how am i to be there once again

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music/poetry.asp) freely.
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