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Shawn K. Hall - Poetry

I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

"K to R"

©1997 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Some scars are meant to last forever,
Some scars are meant to fade away.
Another night in hopeless frustration,
When dawn comes it's another day.

I lie awake waiting to see you
I'd sleep alone if I could close my eyes
Lucid pictures dancing before me
I dream caress the K on your thigh

You speak so softly scared that I'd break you
Bleeding bitemarks, it can't hurt to try
Summer lies, now that I can see
Killed - resurrected, the span of a sigh

Screaming - painfilled - echoes in madness
How do I know if this is real?
Surreal shadows caressing what I was
Another blade, another spoke on the wheel

Circles, cycles, forever unending.
Every flower covered in pollen and dew
Speaking in circles, mis-spake and misspoken
misquoted and mirrored, mimicked by you.

I sever my tongue to end the dispute
Now misquote my ink, what's written is true
I cut off my ears so you must mark your side
And you just walk away, somehow I knew.

At least the next circle, next cycle, misgiven
will be written in flesh, on scars gone awry.
At least they will be here should you come,
should we meet again someday, should we try.

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music/poetry.asp) freely.
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