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I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

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"Last Goodbye's"

©1993 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Seas of tears run from her eyes
flickering flames across the skies
passing through and seeing all
loving life - pretense fall.
Raining earth down from the skies
teasing lust peacefully fries
walking by and speaking true
lusty life - falling through.
Dance of winds cross crying skies
now breaking souls about the lies
move across and stalling still
feinting life - lasting thrill.
Echoed voice of ancient lies
whispering child with innocent eyes
meeting few and knowing none
leaving you - it's been fun.
Earthbound body with a restless soul
bondage just creates a hole
try to leave and can't succeed
chains that hold - they make me bleed.
No escape from loving ties
empowering dame with emerald eyes
pass away and hear the call
once more to arms - goodbye to all.
Goodbye to all-
goodbye to all-
goodbye to all-
goodbye to all-

via con dios
eybeyb al atsah
tsai tscheeke
das vedana
drau sein
guten dei

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music/poetry.asp) freely.

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