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I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.

"On A Chessboard"

©1994 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Like an eight by eight cell and i'm only a pawn
even if i were king i couldnt sound the retreat
not once my hand has left the piece
why is that i'm the first to the fray
testing the waters' no good in a tidal wave
i'm worthless anyway why'd he save a pawn on a chessboard

Like a mistress the bishops on his other arm
the sexless tool on the edge of misfortune
she's as much as a berserk pawn
why is it she who he'd use as assassin
but he'd lose her the same as if she's nothing at all
she's only an object when nature calls the bishop on the chessboard

Like a berserker rage he can't even walk straight
it might be hard with that beast between his legs
and he staggers again like his hand was a keg
why is he useful if he can't even aim straight
check around corners but lost in a line
when it comes his time knights pass on chessboards

Like a catapult firing levels all in the way
but even a planet can be held at bay
another knight another day
why does he charge into disaster
and when he finally gets out he doesn't come back
pity the fool steps onto the track of the rook on the chessboard

Like the goddess destruction she travels the world
the kings own wife he would condemn
for sake of his own end
why but to quickly set up the enemy
would she step into an arrow aimed for the king
at her funeral the bishop'll sing for the queen of the chessboard

Like a fool he does nothing but dodge attacks
he wouldnt lead his own into battle
instead gives orders to all
why is he scared of the weakest of creatures
does the thought of defeat have him blind
to the laws he'd find he's the king of the chessboard

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

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