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Shawn K. Hall - Poetry

I hope you enjoy my original poetry and music. Thank you for respecting my copyright.


©1994 Shawn Kendrick Hall

Redeem yourself-
female: To have my hand you must slay the beast
female: slay the beast and return to me
female: with its head in your hands
narrator: an evil darkness sets upon the land
narrator: the hand of gd no helping hand
narrator: in the village lives a wise old crone
narrator: with her wisdom he'll have this done

Speak no Silence-
narrator: To slay the beast if thats what you'd do,
narrator: look not into its eyes nor see
narrator: its face when you return
narrator: ask it no questions and hear no words
narrator: make strong your shield and sharp your sword
narrator: in the hills lives the dreaded beast
narrator: thou shalt slay the evil beast

Be quiet mind-
male: But why should i not look at the beast
male: the evil beast cannot harm me
male: my shield's strong, my blade's true
male: and deaf, i can fear no hideous roar
male: this beasts head shall adorn my sword
male: ah, but here lives the evil beast
male: i shall slay this evil beast

You meet the beast-
female: My love my dear would you kill me?
female: and i had thought you had loved me?
female: but here you raise your sword
narrator: he looks into her eyes, sees no flaw
narrator: his own betrothed, there he saw
male: Alas, my love, for none shall die
male: but here, with me, would you lie?

And Home again-
female: My love, my dear, but where's its head?
female: have you returned without it dead?
female: its head, my dear, its head?
male: what beast, my love, for there was none
male: you joined me there, and there was none
female: Alas, my love, for 'twas not i
female: the beast therein hath tricked thine eye

No Elixer-
narrator: Wisdom failed to prevent your wounds
narrator: but now your end will come too soon
narrator: your sword still unadorned
narrator: the beast, my friends, no more than life
narrator: the evil thing your future wife
narrator: alas, my friend, you'll be not mourned
narrator: but at last your swords adorned

All songs/poetry copyright Shawn K. Hall

Email me for permission to link to files directly, you may link to this page (/music/poetry.asp) freely.
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