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Personal Computers (PC) Archive

URL Canonicalization

Canonicalization is a loaded word and most people can't get past the pronunciation, much less the meat of the subject. In this context you can safely treat it the same as 'authoritative.' The object of canonicalization is to determine the 'most perfect' address for a resource.

Mac OS X Trackpad 'Click' Failure?
I have a client whose daughter has been through quite an ordeal over the last few months, and is currently in a hospital in the bay for long-term care and treatment. The parents are doing everything within their power to spend their time there (three hours away) in order to stay close and be there for her.

How to Avoid Being Tracked Online
What you're after is the best way to visit a site without them tracking and associating your actions between your IP and email. If you use your own computer and email accounts to visit these sites, then all of that is possible.

Virtual Vulnerability
In a digital world where you have a platform to share every detail of your life -- photographs, employment information, marital status, who your friends are, political and religious views — you are completely exposed to virtual vulnerability.

Time to Upgrade Your Computer?
You know the drill. In order to keep up with the current technology, you have to buy a new computer every couple of years. You may not have the right amount of memory or the right amount of power. People all over the world are bracing themselves as Microsoft prepares to unleash its latest version of the Windows operating system, known as Vista, to the public. Thousands, if not millions, of consumers will go out and actually buy a new computer because they may not be aware that their old computers will more than likely be able to run Vista.

Going Wireless with the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000
I recently purchased a Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 keyboard and mouse combination. I have been raving about it to everyone I know.

Keeping Safe and Secure thru the Holiday Season
With the year-end rush, companies tend to relax some of their well-established security programs and measures. Scott R. Gane with Initial Security offers basic do's and don'ts to take you safely through the holiday season.

Advertiser and Affiliate Program Review for Webmasters
I'm continually being asked my opinion about affiliate ad programs. Here you may read a review of my own personal experiences and advice with ad affiliate programs.

HP PSC Series - Advanced Install
How to install an HP PSC on a 'server-based' Windows Operating System - or - how to bypass a stupid little inf file flag for system requirements.

Use DMCA To Fight Copyright Infringement
Would you believe it if I told you it was possible to automagically find plagiarized content. Really. It's one of those really nifty apps built to interface with Google.

GPS Moves Forward
Originally introduced as a military way of improving the accuracy of its weapon systems, and movement of its troops, GPS quickly found its way into the commercial market as both a business, and consumer item.

Technology in the News
Technology in the news. Links to current technology articles, computer news and issues. Keep informed on the latest news in the high tech world.

How to Re-enable the 'Contacts' Pane in Outlook Express
Outlook Express is perhaps the very most popular email client in the world. More than a hundred million people use it world-wide. But it's not without it's frustrations, especially for the vast majority of people that don't feel comfortable playing with settings and options.

How to Determine Your Outlook PST File Version
Outlook 2003 introduced larger capacity storage files over previous versions. In Outlook 2000 and XP (2002) you were capped at a mere 2gb storage capacity.

Google Analytics
Does it make me Chicken Little if I am concerned about the power webmasters are willingly handing over to Google? You decide...

Windows Servers and Security
What Linux has above Windows is not security, but obscurity. There is a huge difference. Security is a process

A Simple Tutorial on ERU
A Simple Tutorial on ERU. ERU - Emergency Recovery Utility - is a tool included in Windows 95, 98 and ME to provide a means to backup and restore your system state in case of a disaster, such as a virus, software corruption or windows loses it's registry or system state for other 'unforseen' reasons.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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