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Time to Upgrade Your Computer?

The Dirty Little Secret the Computer Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

You know the drill. In order to keep up with the current technology, you have to buy a new computer every couple of years. You may not have the right amount of memory or the right amount of power.

People all over the world are bracing themselves as Microsoft prepares to unleash its latest version of the Windows operating system, known as Windows 7, to the public. Thousands, if not millions, of consumers will go out and actually buy a new computer because they may not be aware that their old computers will more than likely be able to run Windows 7.

So, thinking that their computer is obsolete, many people will go shopping for a new one with Windows 7 installed and with all of the latest bells and whistles. Most consumers seem to accept this without question, but is it really necessary to dump your old computer and buy a new one?

"The dirty little secret of the computer industry is that corporate profits are based on you believing that the 'state-of-the-art' computer they sold you a couple of years ago is now outdated and worthless," says Chris Zomaya, founder and CEO of GoldenRAM. "That's how they get you to buy their latest and greatest computer. Of course, it won't be long before they will be telling you that it is also obsolete."

Zomaya explains the selling cycle called "Planned Obsolescence" and why consumers all over the country are being duped by the computer industry. "If keeping these corporate fat cats happy is your goal in life, then maybe you really do need to buy a new computer," Zomaya says. "Believe it or not, your current computer has more power than you will ever need. You've been tricked by the big computer companies to buy into their 'planned obsolescence' scheme."

You don't have to be fooled, though, Zomaya explains. There are easy ways to determine whether or not you really need to buy a new computer or if you can upgrade and get by with what you already have. "Chances are that the computer you have right now will probably do everything you want it to do if it's properly configured," says Zomaya.

Zomaya and his company, GoldenRAM, are spearheading a revolution in the computer industry. They offer a free online computer analysis for people who want to know if it is, in fact, time for a new computer. If your computer is running slower or not running your accessories right, GoldenRAM can help you determine what it is you need to do to get it up to speed.

If Zomaya has his way, people all over the country will stop shelling out big bucks for new equipment they don't need. "There's no need to fill up our country's landfills with perfectly good computers," he says. A network of Technical Advisors (TAs) will help him accomplish his goal of rapidly expanding and serving millions of Americans.

These Technical Advisors have the opportunity to get in on the groundfloor of this computer revolution. They can earn commissions by introducing others to GoldenRAM's signature service, called UpgradeDetect. There's even an opportunity to work for yourself and earn money by helping people to determine what they need to upgrade their computers right the first time.

GoldenRAM has already analyzed over one million computers and the number is growing daily. The company is also unique in the industry because it is 100% American. All of their parts are produced in the United States and all of its facilities are located here. Only American citizens have worked for them and all of the software development has been done here as well. Additionally, they have developed a browser upgrade that will help protect your family against the threat of internet predators.

To find out if you really need to throw that old computer in the dumpster or to become a part of this movement to re-invent the computer service industry, visit the GoldenRAM website.

Editor's Note:

We hope that consumers aren't simply throwing their old computer in the landfill. Most older PC's can be put to good use, as either a starter computer for a beginner, a donation to a charitable organization who then provides it to a needy family or you can even convert many "obsolete" models to be used as a firewall.

Those living in and around the Sonora Mother Lode area can visit or call Shawn K. Hall at (209) 565-12PD for a free phone consultation to determine if your computer can be upgraded or if you need to find a new home for it.

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