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by Warner Todd Huston

January 2, 2013

The Journal News is at the center of controversy yet again. Now a hacker group has broken into the newspaper's database and is disseminating the names, addresses, and passwords of thousands of the Journal News' customers.

In December, the Westchester, New York area paper released the names and addresses of thousands of New York's legal gun owners, then threatened to publish even more in the near future. After the local New York paper published the names and addresses of gun owners in Rockland County in an online interactive map, bloggers responded by posting the names and addresses of the employees of the Journal News. The paper then hypocritically hired armed guards to patrol its offices over what it claimed were "threatening" emails it had received.

by Warner Todd Huston

December 29, 2012

The New York newspaper that drew criticism for publishing the names and addresses of hundreds of legal gun permit holders is doubling down by publishing the personal information of even more law-abiding gun owners.

To great criticism, the Journal News published an interactive map showing the names and addresses of the legal gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties just before Christmas. Now the paper has announced it will next publish the names and addresses of permit-holders in Putnam County with an eye toward eventually politicizing the names and addresses of every gun owner in the state.

by Warner Todd Huston

December 27, 2012

The Journal News of suburban Westchester, New York caused outrage by publishing an interactive map showing the names and addresses of New York's legal firearm owners.

In response, a blogger decided to create a map showing the names and addresses of employees of the newspaper. The blog, "Talk of the Sound," a New Rochelle, New York-centric website, decided that turnabout was fair play by posting its headlined, "Map: Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?." The map replicates the gun owners map published by the Journal News, replacing gun owners with newspaper employees.

by Warner Todd Huston

October 25, 2012

MSNBC's Ed Schultz proved himself gullible enough to fall for the false story that Mitt Romney's son Tagg owns voting machines in Ohio and that he is somehow making sure that the vote in that important swing state goes the right way.

by Warner Todd Huston

October 19, 2012

A new study by the Pew Research Center finds that two thirds of social media users are also active in politics.

The study found that 66 percent of adult social media users (which is 39 percent of all U.S. adults) had promoted political or socio-political issues, and one third used their social media to post their own opinions and to share content about political matters. 35 percent used their social media to urge others to vote, and 28 percent have used tools to to post links to stories or articles on politics. Pew found that the conservative and liberal social media users were most apt to do the latter.

by Warner Todd Huston

August 22, 2012

In this day of mounting threats to our freedoms, it is time to reinvigorate our Bill of Rights and so Senator John Kyl (R, AZ) has introduced S. 3493, The Free Press Act.

This bill aims to prevent nuisance lawsuits meant only to quash freedom of speech, to stop the intimidation of journalists, bloggers, and those testifying before government. One would have hoped that such a bill would be unnecessary, but in our day of increasing attacks on freedom of speech, perhaps the time has come to reaffirm and remind us all of the legacy our founders left to us.

by Warner Todd Huston

August 19, 2012

Several newspapers have recently announced that far left leaning, non-profit foundations such as The Ford Foundation have given them hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover "the news."

Many wonder if this "coverage" is being programmed by these left-wing moneymen. Others note that the tax-exempt, left-wing foundations are essentially lending U.S. government subsidies once removed to both newspapers and NPR. Is this all merely a way to "save" the news gathering industry, or are left-wing organizations just buying the news and pushing their far left narrative through stealth?

by Warner Todd Huston

July 24, 2012

On July 24, Vice President Joe Biden took questions from the White House press during a phone conference call, but the White House told reporters they would not be allowed to use Twitter to live-report the VP's remarks.

Politico reported that the Obama administration banned reporters from Tweeting Biden's comments as he made them, telling them that they'd only be allowed to report on-the-record comments once the call was concluded. What was the justification for clamping down on reporter's freedom to Tweet?

by Warner Todd Huston

July 5, 2012

As a Mac user since the early 90s, I've always laughed at Windows users so constantly beset by viruses that destroy their computers. My computer, I would tell them, is safe from that nonsense.

That Macs don't get viruses has been such a common assumption that even Apple said so on its website. But now Apple has quietly dropped that boastful claim after hundreds of thousands of computers were hijacked last April by a Trojan virus. In April the Flashback Trojan hit some 600,000 Macs worldwide, said to be more than one percent of Mac users.

Big Journalism

by Warner Todd Huston

February 20, 2012

Global warmists finally have an email "gate" of their own that they can turn against "deniers" and they are taking full advantage of it.

The Warmists are excited that the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based state policy group, has been "outed" for attempting to undermine the religiously held tenets of global warming. Emails to that effect are claimed to have been leaked from this group and the warmists as well as their handmaidens in the Old Media are touting this scandal as proof of ... well, it's a bit hard to discern what it is proof of, actually. In fact, it isn't "proof" of much of anything. For one thing the documents are fakes, but even if they weren’t, so what?

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