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Technology is constantly changing and providing the casual user with challenges never dreamed of. Technology in the News is provided in an effort to assist you in getting the most out of your computer, while avoiding some of the pitfalls. Your computer really isn't out to get you. Why not learn to be friends?

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by Elizabeth Heichler

November 22, 2003

California weighs in, and presidential candidates are challenged to comment.

A host of computer scientists and activists have joined forces to form the National Committee for Voting Integrity (NCVI) and to throw down a gauntlet to presidential candidates, inviting them to take a stance on electronic voting.

The Mercury News (CA)

by Nedra Pickler

November 22, 2003

The Michigan Democratic Party's plan to allow Internet voting in its presidential caucus won approval Saturday from national Democrats.

For the first time, the Michigan party will allow those participating in the Feb. 7 caucus to have the option of selecting their favorite presidential candidate over the Internet, in addition to voting by mail or in person.

The Mercury News (CA)

by Sue McAllister

November 22, 2003

A computer holding the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and account numbers of thousands of Wells Fargo customers was stolen from a consultant's office in Concord earlier this month.

Wells Fargo sent letters last week telling customers about the theft of their confidential information. The customers affected by the burglary are from many states and all have personal lines of credit with the bank.

The Mercury News (CA)

by Jon Ann Steinmetz

November 21, 2003

It's easy to find tips on how to deal with spam -- set up inbox filters, install some software, that kind of thing.

But today we have a lesson on what not to do, courtesy of some guy in Sunnyvale who got his butt hauled in by the FBI for allegedly threatening employees of a Canadian spam company. (Hint: when you find yourself typing "bullet in your head," think long and hard before hitting the send key.)


November 21, 2003

Wells Fargo Offers Reward

Wells Fargo & Company is offering a reward of $100,000 for information that can help police track down a burglar who stole customer records from one of its Concord bank branches earlier this month.

China Tech News

November 20, 2003

This second list in two months comes after many of the original list's offenders cleaned themselves up and were removed from China's first list of errant Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

On September 9, 2003, CNNIC and the Internet Society of China published a list of dozens of IP addresses around the world that were responsible for sending spam, or unsolicted commercial email to China-based servers. Since that date, CNNIC has removed 119 IP addresses from that first list because those IPs have ceased to be sources of spam. And one month later on Nov 9, CNNIC published a second list of "Spam Servers", with 172 IP addresses in all. [List included]


November 19, 2003

"The Hon. Mark Dayton, Senator from Minnesota, is reportedly considering a "miniscule email tax" to counter the flood of spam.

Thinking like an economist, he's obviously hoping to make mass emailing unprofitable. 'You can't say, "We want it to be totally free and unrestricted and on the other hand we want it to work smoothly and civilly," he said.' No word on how all those lobbying groups that use mass emails will respond.

CNN (Asia)

by Parija Bhatnagar

October 30, 2003

Head of online unit says he doesn't want to be another Amazon but he has big plans for the site.

The revamped site will now let customers select and buy products online and pick them up at a Wal-Mart store, including digital cameras, contact lenses, tires and pharmacy products.

Microsoft Research

by Suzanne Ross

September 22, 2003

Microsoft researchers haven't perfected the genie, but they've found a tool that can increase your productivity by 9 to 50 percent and make your work day easier. And you can begin using it right away.

The researchers conducted user studies that proved the effectiveness of adding a second or even third monitor to your workstation, creating a wide-screen effect. In addition, they found out how the operating system needs to change to accommodate a larger screen area. Their work encompassed changes needed in the next version of Windows, as well as looking forward to when wide screens would no longer mean side-by-side single monitors, but would instead take many different forms. They even developed a prototype wide-aspect monitor to test their ideas.

USA Today

by AP Wire (IL)

September 5, 2003

Course enrollments in the cyber school tripled this year, from 410 to 1,230, and Wicks expects 900 enrollments during this fall semester.

About 40,000 to 50,000 K-12 students are enrolled in online courses nationwide, according to a 2001 study by WestEd, an educational research group. <br><br>At least 14 states from Arkansas to West Virginia run virtual schools that are recognized by a state agency, the study noted.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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