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Keeping Safe and Secure thru the Holiday Season

Sage advice for business owners and holiday vacation travelers

By Scott R. Gane, CPP, [View bio]

Tis the season... Everyone is very busy trying to get their year end financials in order, manufacturers are trying to finish year end orders and keep up with the holiday push on retail demands and the retailers, well they are just trying to keep up. Yes, this is the busiest time of the year. It's also the busiest time of the year for unscrupulous people who would want to take your hard earned profits and make them their own.

With the year-end rush, companies tend to relax some of their well-established security programs and measures in favor of the "good will toward men" and other various holiday sayings. The following are some basic do's (Nice) and don'ts (Naughty) that will make your holiday season much brighter.

How to avoid Phishing Scams

Report Phishing or spoofed e-mails to the following groups:

Family Travel Plan

Last but certainly not least, it's vital to maintain vigilance with family security during the holidays. Many families travel during the holidays to visit relatives, but it seems more and more of us are taking a break from relatives and traveling to warmer and sunnier destinations to "re-charge the batteries" or just have some exclusive "family time" during the holidays.

Whenever your family walks out the front door of your home they leave that zone of protection that you have created. Many people are very good about finding the "best deal" on hotel rooms and airfares, but the one thing that families fail to do is discuss a family security plan when they are away from home. Take the time to sit down with your family and discuss "what if" situations related to your travel destination.

What if we're separated? (at the airport, hotel, and amusement park) Discuss with your children the importance of hotel safety:

  1. do not open a door without knowing the person on the other side;
  2. make sure all windows and sliding doors are secure if they are accessible from the ground;
  3. children should not be allowed to wander the hotel grounds unsupervised. Do not leave them at the pool or gym unsupervised; these are prime targets for predators.

Be safe, secure and have a happy holiday.

Scott R. Gane

About Scott R. Gane

Scott R. Gane, CPP is the Regional Vice President of Initial Security's East Central Region.

Initial Security, is the fifth largest security company in North America providing security services through its network of over 60 U.S. and Canadian branch offices.

[View bio]

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Updated December 21, 2008

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