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This site provides a collection of links and resources for Project Dogwaffle artists.

What is Project Dogwaffle?

Project Dogwaffle is a PC program for people who like to draw, sketch, animate and paint. This award-winning and affordable paintbox software designed for Windows® platform, with natural media, animated painting, custom brushes with dynamics, unlimited layers, onion skins for traditional animation, particle painting and animation, advanced lens flare system, and many other special effects. Use Project Dogwaffle to paint.

Did you know there are now several versions of Dogwaffle to choose from?

2.1 includes layer support. If you've been putting off getting this program. You NEED Dogwaffle!!! Trust me. It does such astounding things with so little effort in this latest version that - well, even I'm speechless. You have to see it for yourself.

No - it's no longer free, but coming from that side of the fence (giving code/software away for as long as I have), I know how difficult it is to even support my hosting on the donations I receive. I'm far from ungrateful to the few that have donated - but I can readily understand the desire to at least recoup some of the distribution costs for hosting the software and code I've created. I do not blame Dan at all for charging this meager fee for PD.



So what *is* Project Dogwaffle?

A very cool freeware shareware graphics application.

Though new versions and updates of Dogwaffle are no longer free, versions prior to 1.15 are still available as freeware

Where do I get it?

From Project Dogwaffle Free 1.2 from c/net

Project Dogwaffle Version 1.2 Free

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