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Brushes Tutorial

by Brian Hinton

Brush creation tutorial

Ok, yet another tutorial, this one will cover that wonderful topic known as brush creation. Its not to difficult once you get shown the steps.

First take a look at the image below:

And note the areas shown we will be discussing them later.

Toolbar properties

The first thing you will want to do, is paint your brush on the canvas.

A good thing to note here is key color two (also known as secondary color), this is what will be transparent in your brush, so its important to know what key color two will be.

This is what I painted:

Just paint something

Ok the next thing we will be doing is left clicking on the brush selection tool. This will bring up crosshairs when you pass over your canvas. Now just left click and drag to select the area you want to be your brush, a box will outline it. When you let go of the left mouse button, in the brush window you should now see your brush. Now you may want to edit it a bit. Right? Well right click on the brush selection tool will bring a dialog box titled: "brush selector key to secondary color"....what I call the brush clip tool!

Its very simple really:

high pass: clips your secondary color,going to the left of your screen brings out all of the secondary color, while going to the right of your screen shrinks the secondary color.

low clip: clips the primary color, basically everything that wasn't your secondary color. Works the same way as the high pass tool.

invert key: inverts the brush, try it out, you'll get it.

use alpha if active: uses the alpha layer if that layer is active as the brush

What the clip tool box looks like:

The clip tool box

Ok, one final thing to complete this brush creation. Save your brush! Go to the brush menu, save, and choose a destination for your brush, and there you go. If you ever want to use your brush, you can load it by simply going to the brush menu and load, and then choose where your brush is located.

Ok, thats it.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me here.

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