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Here you will find some privacy concerns of mine.

There is absolutely *no warranty*, express or implied for any content on this site. Any files you download or any actions you perform after reading any of this site are *At Your Own Risk* and neither I (Shawn K. Hall) nor any site, business, or individual associated with me will be held responsible if it does not work as described or otherwise does not suit your needs.

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After you've 'opted out' of a site's program (like double-click) you should check your cookie value to verify that it has indeed been nullified. You can do that by using this script:

javascript:if(document.cookie.length<1){alert('No cookie for this site.')}else{alert('Cookie for this site:'+document.cookie)}

This script was obtained from There's a *lot* more at the site if you found this one interesting. In order to use it save the link to your favorites somewhere (right click and "add shortcut to favorites" under IE). Then navigate to the site that you want to check and run the link. It will run in the current browsers context so it will determine the cookie for the current site. If you click it you'll see the cookie for this site, which shoud be some strange long number starting with "ASPSESSIONID" - that's because I'm running an IIS server and Active Server Pages.

Here is a link to my site's privacy policy, in case you're worried.<g>

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