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Lake Topaz, NV in the Autumn

Lake Topaz in the Autumn

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Seasons change just as our lives are purpetually changing; eternally in motion. Nature is all around us an ever changing tide of hues, and depth. The beauty I find around me brings a constant comfort. The elegant ripple of clouds, the brillance of unsoiled, newly fallen snow, and the brisk early morning chill never fail to amaze me.

Share the wonder of nature and the beauty of our surroundings.

Make Your Own Festive GloPop -- Holiday Craft Idea
Make Your Own Festive GloPop Light Ball -- These elegant lights will brighten your gazebo or gently illuminate your home garden or patio, perfect for any holiday or occasion.

Disappearing Honey Bees Still a Mystery
Thousands of commercial beekeepers across the U.S. and beyond were reporting in some cases that as many as two-thirds of their honey bees were flying away from their hives, never to return.

Alaska's Polar Bears Recovering?
The Center for Biological Diversity predicts that two-thirds of all polar bears -­ including all of Alaska's polar bears ­- will be extinct by 2050 if current warming trends continue. The bears also face threats from oil and gas exploration, the shipping industry, both legal and illegal hunting, recreational polar-bear watching, and toxic contaminants in their environment and in the fatty tissue of their prey.

Fastest Animal on Earth | Saving the Cheetah!
Due to its plight in recent decades, the cheetah, which can reach speeds of 70 miles per hour, is considered one of the world's most endangered species by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Reducing Home Heating Energy Use
Burning wood may be humanity's oldest way of generating heat, and in the home it definitely creates a nice ambience. But it has its downside. Wood smoke contains toxic chemicals that can cause or worsen serious health problems.

Where Do Birds Sleep at Night?
I'd bet that most people think when a bird sleeps it tucks its head under its wing. But think about that for a minute. Could you sleep with your head under your arm? Not me. There is no way I could sleep with my nose anywhere near my underarm.

The Galapagos Islands -- Can We Keep It?
College student Kelli Simkus explores the ecology and problems facing the Galapagos Islands, due to the introduction of non-native plant life, animals and the invasion of humans on this island paradise.

Raccoons Will Steal Your Stuff At Night, Squirrels Are Too Smart
Raccoons work at night. They climb trees, love suet and stealing is part of their method of operation. Most people who report stolen feeders claim that they are never able to find them again...

Fireplace dangers -- Pellet Stove Alternative!
Burning wood may be humanity's oldest way of generating heat, and in the home it definitely creates a nice ambience. But it has its downside. Wood smoke contains toxic chemicals that can cause or worsen serious health problems.

Mountain Lion Reader Responses -- Opinion
No matter which side of the argument our readers are on regarding the subject of Mountain Lions and their habitat, view points are strong. There are no fence-sitters here. How do we balance the need to protect or children, livestock and families, against these fiece predators and protect their habitat as well? Weigh in!

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning!
Summer's going to be a scorcher this year, keeping cool indoors without without running energy-hogging air conditioners can provide relief from the heat without breaking the budget.

How safe are fire retardants used in forest fires?
In recent years, federal and state firefighting agencies have upped their cumulative annual use of long-term fire retardants to some 20+ million gallons a year. How safe are the fire retardants that are used to quell forest fires across the American West?

Learn about Hummingbirds
Hummingbird migration is different than the migration of most other birds. There are no massive flocks of hummingbirds gathering on the power lines, like swarms of blackbirds descending into the marshes, or V's of flying geese streaming across the fall sky. Hummingbirds migrate alone.

Elegant Dining in the Heart of Old Sacramento
We enjoyed a decadent evening of fine dining with the feeling of what it must be like to be treated as royalty during our anniversary celebration at The Firehouse Restaurant.

Highway 88 and Hope Valley Scenic Wallpapers
The mountains are alive with colors this fall. Join us on our trip down Highway 88 over Carson Pass from Carson City, NV through this scenic, winding mountain highway leading to Highway 49 and us back home to Twain Harte, CA.

NOW, I Need a Vacation
Who can afford to even simply drive around these days with no destination in mind? With gas prices such as they are ($3.19 in our neck of the woods) every mile of every trip is scrutinized, analyzed and justified.

Squirrel Antics: Just another day in the life of a squirrel.
Summer isn't just a season, it's an event in Twain Harte, and maybe it's not just the mountain air that makes us all crazy? It's not only the people who are a little nuts as you will clearly see...

Scenic Merced Area Wallpapers
At first the road appeared to be miles of not much to look at, until we neared the town of Snelling where we found an incredible Buffalo Ranch we later learned is actually Oak Valley Dairy owned by Lloyd and Babette Pariera. They offer locals organic eggs and butter as well as the most delightful mix of exotic animals to be found in the area...

Perk up your bathroom!
Time to give your bathroom a face lift? Try the newest idea in bathroom decor. Your guests won't believe their eyes and you'll have a unique conversation item...

Scenic Sonora Area Wallpapers
These pictures were taken on various trips up and down the Highway 108 corridor. New Melones Bridge is a favorite scenic spot where locals and travellers alike stop to soak in the beauty.

Mountain Lions -- Wildlife Legislation
The hunting of mountain lions could become legal again in California under a bill introduced by Assemblyman Bill Maze (R-Visalia), who worries about public safety in his district due to the rising mountain lion population.

A Visit to Amador City on Highway 49
On the occasion when we are forced to brave the congested traffic and the smog on our trips to Sacramento, we normally take the scenic route down highway 49. This route affords us the opportunity to take in the sights of the luscious green countryside, often we are rewarded for our efforts and we find a new treasure.

Yosemite in the Spring with Photo Gallery
Due to Spring flooding caused by unusually heavy snowfall over the winter months the Yosemite Valley was a congested tangled mess of motor vehicles.

Scenic Wallpapers for your Desktop | African Wildlife Images
Special thanks to Herb Coleman who recently visited Antarctica and Africa and brought back these beautiful images. It's a pleasure to share them with all our friends.

Mountain Lions -- Man or Beast?
Society will continue to face tough decisions in our future. As each state is forced to make laws, which will determine how man and beast will share our ever populated lands. We must keep in mind that just as we find a balance in nature, man must learn to balance human lives with nature.

Scenic Antarctica - Home to Penguins and Scientists | Antarctica Wildlife
Antarctica is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. Antarctica, once thought to be a barren, frozen, foreboding land, where many an explorer has lost their life in attempts at overcoming the bitter cold and desolation.

Mountain Lions -- Living and Vacationing in Mountain Lion Country
Mountain Lion Protection: I have been viewing some online material on Mountain Lions tonight, as I am thinking of ways to prevent becoming a statistic. Do you have any material or suggestions on how I might read up on others expereinces with dogs protecting them from Mountain Lions?

Fond Memories of Yosemite
I have no first memories of Yosemite. Yosemite was just always 'there' for me. I just knew that whenever we drove through the Arch Rock Entrance I felt that I was 'home'.

Mountain Lions -- Spotted Any Mountain Lions Lately?
Last summer our family was driving down Middle Camp Road, just about four miles from home. You can imagine our mixed emotions when we just happened to spot four mountain lions lazily walking down the road, seemingly without a care in the world.

Winter Emergency Survival Tips
Many of us live in areas prone to bad weather. Snow can be great fun to play in but can create special hazards when we must drive in it. With a little forethought and preparation, we can brave the winter snow with confidence.

Serene Twain Harte Winter Wallpapers -- California
These pictures were taken on various trips up and down the Highway 108 corridor. New Melones Bridge is a favorite scenic spot where locals and travellers alike stop to soak in the beauty.

Nature in the News
Find interesting, entertaining and educational articles about wildlife, nature and ecology issues.

Increase in Bear Population? | Sugar Pine, CA
Sugar Pine Ridge is located about four miles north of Twain Harte, residents there have been literally up in arms all summer over the number of bear visiting their bird feeders and garbage cans.

Mountain Lions | Mountain Lion Population
I am almost 30 years old, and have hunted in California since I was 8 years old. My dad at 52 years of age, has never seen a mountain lion. He has been an avid hunter since age 8 also. You tell me if the populations are increasing...

Heating with Peat - Falkland Islands Tour
Just mention the Falkland Islands and most people draw a blank, having no idea where this isolated country is located. Heating with Peat is an video presentation about the use of peat in the Falkland Islands.

Gold Mines Still Operate Within Sierras
The fourth annual 'Old Alleghany Day' was held on September 10th, 2005, complete with old west style gun fights and street vendors peddling their wares.

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