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Hope Valley Campground: Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest

Hope Valley Campground

Highway 88 and Hope Valley Scenic Wallpapers

Images by: Shawn and Annette Hall

These natural photos were taken on a recent trip down Highway 88, on our way back to our California home. Our trip to Nevada had been a stressful one and these beautiful surroundings filled our souls with joy and wonder at God's creation.

Highway 88 is unique in that unlike many other two-lane California highways, which cut through the mountains (such as Routes 4, 108 and 120); Route 88 stays open through winter, except during the worst of winter snowstorms. Route 88 over the Carson Pass is designated as Alternate U.S. 50, in that it may be used during floods of the American River Canyon.

White House with Mountain Backdrop

White House

Vivid Fall Mountain Colors

Fall Mountain Colors

Highway 88 Mountain Pine Trees

Mountain Pine Trees

Serene Hope Valley

Serene Hope Valley

Rotting Tree at Hope Valley, CA

Rotting Tree

Pine Needles

Pine Needles

Driving around Carson City, NV during my last visit, left me wondering about the history of this unique community. After all, there really aren't too many towns that are surrounded on all sides by mountains. Though you can't really tell by looking at your surroundings, Carson City is 4,802 feet above sea-level - that's pretty high, almost a mile in fact (5,280 feet). When one visits Denver, CO (nicknamed The Mile-High City), you know your not at sea-level; but I really couldn't tell just how far up I was, when visiting the Capital of Nevada. The mountains surrounding the city, give the illusion that you are really in the valley.

I was pretty sure Carson City and all things named "Carson" in this neck of the woods were named after Kit Carson. Kit was born in Boone's Lick, Missouri in 1809 and made his way westward at the tender age of seventeen. You can find out more about Kit Carson on PBS.

According to Wikipedia:

"Like many towns in Nevada, Carson City was founded in the boom days of mining. A center of silver mining, Carson City was the county seat of the former Ormsby County and was named for explorer Kit Carson."

Plan a Visit to Carson City, Nevada

If you are visiting Carson City be sure to stop at the visitor's center, located at: 1900 S. Carson Street. If you are planning a trip to Carson City, in the near future, you can request a free Carson City Visitor's Guide. I was surprised at just how helpful the folks were and the vast amount of information they provided - absolutely free.

As we wound our way up and down the majestic mountainside, we stopped every few miles to take in our breath-taking surroundings and snap up a few pictures. In my own travels I've found that no matter how many times I visit an area, it's always a new experience. Nature has a way of constantly renewing and transforming itself.

Our family was able to spend several hours at the Hope Valley Campground area. What a treat that was! We climbed rocks, examined a dead bird, explored grass tufts, unique geological formations, the boys even had a chance to skip rocks. This particular trip brought back many fond memories my husband had of time spend here as a child. He took great joy in sharing his adventures with our son. We are already planning our next visit.

Hope Valley, CA Mountain Diversity

Mountain Diversity

Mountain Splash: Fun skipping Rocks

Fun skipping Rocks

Hope Valley Meadow Wallpaper

Mountain Meadow

Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves

Nake Pinetree

Naked Pinetree

Hope Valley Mountain Greenery

Mountain Greenery

Carson Pass & Highway 88 Information

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Posted February 10, 2009

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