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Nature in the News contains interesting, entertaining and educational articles about wildlife, nature and ecology issues. This news page contains information on everything from Yosemite rock slides and mountain lion legislation, to global warming, climate change and tiny little hummingbirds.

If you aren't sure where you stand on the issues, don't feel alone. The world we live in becomes more complex every single day. Is the earth as fragile as some would have us believe or has it endured because it's quite resilient? You decide. These issues are not going away and will continue to plague us with complex problems that will require us all to make hard decisions.

You will find plenty of food for thought and information to contemplate. Be sure to check back often.

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by Tom Deweese

May 21, 2012

The battle over Agenda 21 is raging across the nation. City and County Councils have become war zones as citizens question the origins of development plans and planners deny any international connections to the UN's Agenda 21. What is the truth?

News With Views

by Tom DeWeese

March 10, 2009

No doubt you've seen the ads. The music is dramatic. The scene is tragic. The message emotional. Polar Bears, holding on for dear life to bits of ice, their arctic habitat destroyed by Global Warming.

Trouble is, it's all a lie. Not one word of the ad is true. Polar Bears are not endangered. There is no indication of any reduction of their populations. There is no threat to Polar Bears - it's a lie. Drilling American oil is not a danger to the environment - it's a lie.

by Tom Ewer

October 12, 2012

I doubt there's a single person reading this who isn't aware of the fact that prolonged computer usage is accompanied by negative health implications. However, it is probably not something that you give a great deal of thought to.

And that is a major issue, because we are exactly the type of people who need to sit up and pay attention to such matters. By "we", I mean intensive computer users. You may be a WordPress blogger, a web designer, or a developer. All of these disciplines require long hours in front of a screen. And those hours can really take their toll. With that in mind, today I want to explore the potential (and actual) issues we face as intensive computer users, and how methods of combating computer-related injuries can not only benefit your health, but also your productivity.

WordPress News at

by Tom Ewer

August 22, 2012

If you want weather on your website, you could do a lot worse than this simple little plugin.

The Animated Weather Widget for WordPress by (to give the plugin its full name) is, as you might expect, an animated weather widget for WordPress. It is very much a plug and play affair - just head over to your widgets page, and place it wherever you would like...

by Tom Gara

July 31, 2013

Let's run through a little thought experiment. Imagine there's a list somewhere that contains every single webpage you have visited in the last five years.

It also has everything you have ever searched for, every address you looked up on Google Maps, every email you sent, every chat message, every YouTube video you watched. Each entry is time-stamped, so it's clear exactly, down to the minute, when all of this was done. Now imagine that list is all searchable. And imagine it's on a clean, easy-to-use website. With all that imagined, can you think of a way a hacker, with access to this, could use it against you? And once you've imagined all that, go over to, and see it all become reality.

PJ Media

by Tom Harris

May 30, 2012

Social science research provides the key to finally ending the divisive global warming debate.

It has always been assumed that a lack of understanding of basic science and mathematics is the main reason the public can be so easily misled on controversial issues such as global warming. All that is needed, so science educators and campaigners believed, is a general increase in scientific literacy and people would come to more rational conclusions when presented with the facts. But new findings published on Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change by researchers taking part in the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School shows that this is not the case at all. When faced with having to support one side or the other in important science debates, most people are influenced far more by their cultural and social worldviews than by solid science, no matter how well that science is presented. The public, especially those well-versed in science and mathematics, will usually agree with the side that comes closest to the values of the "tribe" they most identify with. In many cases, the facts don't matter at all.

by Tom Henry

August 17, 2013

This month's dramatic collapse of a villa at the Summer Bay Resort in central Florida raises the question: Could a hole that big in the ground open up under a residential area here? Anything's possible, as Toledoans saw July 3.

Larger and more frequent sinkholes that occur naturally are most often a result of dissolved limestone or dolostone. Other types of dissolvable bedrock include gypsum and salt. Florida is the prime location for them, although that scenario also gets played out in other states with conducive geologic features - even scattered parts of Ohio, especially the Bellevue area. In eastern Ohio, sinkholes also can form when abandoned mines collapse.

by Tom Laskawy

February 17, 2013

It's been a good week if you enjoy a little GMO schadenfreude.

The FDA has reportedly bowed to public pressure to extend the comment period on its approval of genetically engineered salmon, and Illinois, Maryland, and Iowa are the latest states to buck GMOs by introducing labeling bills into state legislature. Even the Supreme Court has an opportunity to take Monsanto down a peg. On Feb. 19, the court will hear arguments in a patent infringement case between an Indiana farmer and Monsanto (I covered it in detail here).

by Tom Laskawy

July 24, 2012

Last week, the USDA fully deregulated herbicide resistant sugar beets. And while the shift isn't a surprise to most advocates, it does hint at larger problems within the system.

This announcement puts an end to a long court battle to force the USDA to uphold the law - a battle that some anti-GMO advocates might call Pyrrhic. We covered the GMO sugar fracas extensively last month, but here's a quickie review: The USDA was forced to perform a court-ordered environmental review of the GMO sugar beet seed and to restrict planting by farmers until the review was finished. As it happens, this was a review that the USDA had failed to complete back in 2008 when it had allowed farmers to begin using the seed. This failure was in violation of law and was the grounds for the court's intervention after several consumer groups filed suit.

by Tom Palmer

December 24, 2010

LAKELAND -- Twenty-one public school teachers and four private school teachers in Polk County are among the educators who were awarded Splash! school grants through the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

The goal of the Splash! school grant program is to provide hands-on learning opportunities that teach students about their local watersheds and the freshwater resources within them. Splash! school grants provide up to $5,000 per school on a reimbursement basis only and are available to public, private and homeschool teachers.

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