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Nature in the News contains interesting, entertaining and educational articles about wildlife, nature and ecology issues. This news page contains information on everything from Yosemite rock slides and mountain lion legislation, to global warming, climate change and tiny little hummingbirds.

If you aren't sure where you stand on the issues, don't feel alone. The world we live in becomes more complex every single day. Is the earth as fragile as some would have us believe or has it endured because it's quite resilient? You decide. These issues are not going away and will continue to plague us with complex problems that will require us all to make hard decisions.

You will find plenty of food for thought and information to contemplate. Be sure to check back often.

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by Sean Poulter

March 6, 2007

The first GM food crop containing human genes is set to be approved for commercial production.

The laboratory-created rice produces some of the human proteins found in breast milk and saliva. Its U.S. developers say they could be used to treat children with diarrhoea, a major killer in the Third World. The rice is a major step in so-called Frankenstein Foods, the first mingling of human-origin genes and those from plants. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture has already signalled it plans to allow commercial cultivation.

Mother Earth News

by Harvey Ussery

March 18, 2007

Many people think that the American food supply is the best in the world. So why are so many people going to the trouble of growing their own food, or seeking it from known producers close to home?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year an estimated 76 million cases of food-borne illness - including 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 associated deaths - occur in the United States.

The Orange County Register (CA)

by Larry Welborn

March 27, 2007

Seal Beach woman said her children were improperly taken away from her by OC Department of Social Services

A civil jury has awarded $4.9 million to a Seal Beach woman who claimed that the Orange County Department of Social Services violated her parental rights by taking her two pre-teen daughters away in 2000 and placing them in foster care.

The Boston Globe

by Jenn Abelson

March 29, 2007

At least 45.7 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen by hackers who accessed the computer systems at the TJX Cos. (TJ Max), making it the biggest breach of personal data ever reported, according to security specialists.

TJX believes the hackers last year had the capability to steal payment card data from its Framingham system as transactions were being approved. Even the files TJX tried to protect through encryption may have been compromised because the company believes the hackers had access to the decryption tool.


by John W. Schoen

April 9, 2007

Mark and Kerrie Russo of Jackson, N.J., are struggling to hang on. They are among millions of home owners swept up in a wave of questionable lending practices and outright fraud.

Like many borrowers who were sold mortgages they couldn't afford, Russo says that when she called the broker to complain, she was told that because she failed to read the fine print, the responsibility for getting in too deep was hers.

The Times-Gazette

by Jim Abrams

April 19, 2007

The deadline has arrived, and people across the country are finishing up an estimated 3.18 billion hours figuring out and filing their tax returns. That's 24.2 hours per taxpayer.

'This spring you have people spending more on tax preparation than our government is spending on higher education,' said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is sponsoring a tax simplification bill with a one-page 1040 form for most taxpayers. 'It shouldn't have to be bureaucratic water torture to fill out all these forms.'

Salt Lake Tribune (UT)

by Patty Henetz

July 3, 2007

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit over land use in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument...

ruling Kane and Garfield counties can neither can claim ownership of roads that crisscross the monument's 1.8 million acres nor expect the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to do so for them.


by Heather Burke

August 3, 2007

Mattel Inc., the world's largest toymaker, is recalling 1.5 million products around the world including Chinese-made Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer toys because they may contain "excessive levels" of lead.

Elmo's Guitar, Ernie Splashin' Fun Trike and 81 other types of 967,000 Fisher-Price-branded preschool toys sold in U.S. stores since May are included in the recall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said yesterday.

News With Views

by Devvy Kidd

August 13, 2007

Last week saw a bucking bronco ride in the stock market. The American people read headlines such as: Fed vows, then pumps massive funds to calm markets and Fed's $38 billion helps markets.

I have written many columns the past several years warning of the coming financial tsunami. Far too many people scoffed at all the warnings, continued to rack up massive debt and pursued the American dream of owning their own home when their financial portfolio and credit history simply could not float the big boat they were taking out into the ocean.


by Steven Gray

August 30, 2007

Once the province of epicures and health nuts, organic food has gone mass market. Americans spent some $16.7 billion on organic food last year, up from $13.8 billion in 2005 - and sales are expected to rise by 20% this year.

But some aspects of organic's growing popularity trouble advocates like Mark Kastel, 52, from Rockton, Wis., who is now driving one of the food industry's biggest debates: does organic food's industrialization threaten its purity?

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