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The following business cards were designed by myself, at a reasonable rate and a very reasonable production. The cards were all printed through VistaPrint, who provide very high quality printing of the designs provided. The results below are scanned images and honestly do not do the cards much justice.


Laszlo's Gourmet Smoked Fish

Laszlo's Gourmet Smoked Fish was simply amazing. Joe made the best smoked seafood I've ever had - and every time we were in the Sacramento area we went out of our way to stop in. It was worth the trip! Enough about him though - the card I designed for him uses brilliant colors to portray a scaled down map that identifies his shop on the back, and his trademark graphics and styles on the front and reverse.

Again - the images you see here are gif - in 72 dpi - the actual images (and business cards) were created and printed in 300 dpi which is significantly better quality than the already remarkable quality you see here.


Shawn K. Hall - Reliable

This is my own business card, which I use as the 'ice-breaker' for offering my services.

Though I am skilled in many technical trades, I really prefer web design, layout, graphics, programming and tech support to the other disciplines. I love talking to people and helping them with their problems. Would that I could do that for free! But - everyone has to make a living. :(


SeaSilver Distributor

My wife used to be a distributor of the Whole Food supplement SeaSilver. I designed her card with a contrasting color arrangement on an ocean wave to highlight the two identifying terms in the product: "Sea" and "Silver." This enhances name recognition and eases product memory. I also placed a colorful year-long calendar on the reverse as a gimmick to promote the recipient actually keeping the business card. We all know how much harder it is to throw away a business card that has a neat feature like this on it.

Adding the line "Had your SeaSilver today?" and the URL to the reverse above the calendar also provide further points of name recognition which prompt the customer to review the card - potentially acting on it at any time.


For a reasonable price I can design your business cards for you, too! Please Email me for Business Card rates and information or call me at (209) 565-12PD. For as little as $300-$500 I can usually provide 5,000 business cards (yes, five-thousand) in as few as seven days - shipped directly to you at no additional cost. That's as low as 6 cents per card!

I challenge you to find a 'local' two-color business card printer that can deliver that many, that fast. The cards I design and provide to you are in full-color and are very high quality. The only thing I do not (currently) have the capacity to do is etch or raise portions of the card. This may become available at a later date with enough interest. For now, call me at (209) 565-12PD or email me with your order. We will discuss your design and I can get started right away.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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