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Zarr's VB Zone

Zarr's VB Website - one of the Internet's most popular websites for quality VB sample projects, hints, tips & articles...

Visual Basic Thunder 5.0 - The power to crack windows

VB Thunder has been updated to take advantage of Active Server Pages and database content.

VBnet, The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre

VBnet, provides the enhanced functionality of the win32 api to intermediate and advanced visual basic developers using 'VBClassic'. All code is provided free of charge. A very well organized site

vbCode Magician

Visual Basic Resources and Code Examples - vbCode Magician is a non profit website for both advanced and beginner Visual Basic programmers. The vbCode Magician has created an ever growing source of tips and tricks for Visual Basic made to make those 'How do I do that?' questions a little easier to answer. Tips include everything from wrappers, to examples on how to use Visual Basic and controls.

vbAccelerator - The Site For Advanced Visual Basic Source Code

vbAccelerator is devoted to providing free, advanced source code to Visual Basic programmers since June 1998 and now also to the .NET and C# community. Specialities are user interface, controls, the Windows API, XML and no-compromise code. Everything is edited, comes with full source code and is available under a relaxed open source licence.


Confessions of a software developer. DevX Editor Phil Weber .NET stuff I've learned the hard way.

Slightly Tilted Software

L.J. Johnson's YAW (Yet Another Web-page)

Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop

Karl E. Peterson's One-Stop Source Shop, is totally devoted to Classic Visual Basic, as millions once knew and loved it. This is a certifiably .NET-Free zone.

CFanatic Win32 forums

Beginner and Advanced Win32 forums cover topics such as controls, custom controls, threads WinProc and more.


Common Controls Replacement Project

Support for existing controls may be offered by some authors. CCRP support newsgroups will, remain a resource for peer-to-peer assistance for users. Control developers longer participate in newsgroups.



NGLayout Project and Gecko Layout Engine FAQ. Gecko is designed to support open Internet standards such as HTML 4.0, CSS 1/2, the W3C Document Object Model, XML 1.0, RDF, and JavaScript. Gecko also includes a set of complementary browser components that work alongside the layout engine to form the founding platform for the Mozilla browser and for products from commercial vendors such as Netscape 6, the AOL-Gateway browsing appliance, and others.

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