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How To Master CSS

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October 3, 2013

Adobe's security team recently discovered sophisticated attacks on our network, involving the illegal access of customer information as well as source code for numerous Adobe products.

We believe these attacks may be related. We are working diligently internally, as well as with external partners and law enforcement, to address the incident.

by Matt Jones

October 26, 2012

One of the the most convenient things about WordPress is the abundant 21,834+ free plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository, but how many times do you run into the scary warning at the top of the page, "This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress". If that doesn't discourage you enough not to download the plugin, maybe putting scary zombies all over the page will do the trick.

Official Google Blog

June 13, 2012

Today StopBadware is announcing the formation of an industry partnership to combat bad ads. We're pleased to be a founding member of the Ads Integrity Alliance, along with AOL, Facebook, Twitter and the IAB.

Since its beginnings in 2006, StopBadware has enabled many websites, service providers and software providers to share real-time information in order to warn users and significantly eliminate malware (such as viruses, phishing sites and malicious downloads) on the web. We believe that the Ads Integrity Alliance can make a similarly important contribution to the goal of identifying and removing bad ads from all corners of the web.

by David W. Baker

January 17, 2013

While most people are working on productive New Year's resolutions, scammers and bad actors will begin 2013 with the same old goal: make money with the help of bad ads.

Advertising helps fund businesses online and enables them to provide services and content for free to their users. But, bad ads can ruin your web experience, putting you and legitimate businesses in harm's way. We have a vested interest in fighting bad ads and their sources with considerable firepower. Luckily, our ads quality team hasn't changed its New Year's resolutions either: stop bad ads and eliminate bad actors from our systems. In 2012, we continued to make progress towards this goal: we introduced new tools for stopping bad ads, provided greater transparency around the ads review process, and explained how advertisers can connect with us if we ever mistakenly disapprove good ads. Below is a more complete look at our efforts to combat bad ads in 2012.

by calling us at the toll-free number available on our web site

April 5, 2011

Should I feel left out? I didn't receive an apology letter from my bank, broker or grocery store this week.

In case you are wondering what they should be apologizing about - besides the weak dollar or the price of tomatoes - the online marketer Epsilon was breached this week by hackers, and reports say that millions of US customers' email addresses and names were exposed (as well as the name "Epsilon" which was previously unknown to most consumers).

Personal Liberty Alerts

by Upi - United Press International, Inc.

September 17, 2012

Cybersecurity experts say the U.S. Congress and the courts need to clarify what private firms can and cannot do to protect themselves from computer hackers.

The new approach would focus on reducing vulnerable areas in a company's digital security rather than actively deterring attackers, The Washington Post reported Monday. The private sector needs to know who's targeting their computer networks and the ability to aggressively defend themselves, said Steven Chabinsky, who stepped down this month as the FBI's top cyber lawyer. To do that, he said, businesses need a better relationship with law enforcement and the courts.

Commtouch Cafe

by Avi Turiel

October 26, 2011

Scammers have been quick to capitalize on the death of Muammar Gaddafi by sending out emails from Ayesha Gaddafi.

Ayesha (also spelled Aisha) is the daughter of Muammar Gaddafi who has reportedly fled to Algeria. The creators of the email seem to have made an error by including the message text in the subject line, resulting in a truncated cry for help from the daughter of the former head of state. The ability to read the entire subject line is dependent on the mail reader used...

by Liam Eagle

October 28, 2011

A new report published this week by content delivery network operator Akamai points to Taiwan as the new top source of "attack traffic" on the Internet.

Akamai's State of the Internet report for the second quarter of 2011 showed 10 percent of attack traffic originating in Taiwan, an increase from 9.1 percent in the previous quarter, and enough to push the country ahead of previous number one Myanmar, which generated 9.1. The United States was third with 8.3 percent.

The Web Host Industry Review

by Nicole Henderson

January 29, 2013

Content delivery network provider Akamai Technologies released its State of the Internet report on Wednesday, and found that most attack traffic in Q3 2012 originated from China, the US and Russia.

Aside from attack traffic origins, the report provides insight into global statistics including connection speeds, attack traffic, and network connectivity and availability. The report uses data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, and is available to download for free on the Akamai website, although there are quite a lot of form fields to fill in before it is accessible. The report marks the first quarterly State of the Internet report from Akamai since its co-founder and chief scientist Dr. Tom Leighton took over as CEO on January 1, 2013.

The Web Host Industry Review

by Nicole Henderson

September 19, 2012

Business applications that are hosted on-premise are more likely to be attacked than apps hosted in cloud environments, a report by security provider Alert Logic finds.

The semiannual State of the Cloud Security Report, released on Tuesday, finds that for every incidence class, the number of incidents per impacted customer was higher in the on-premise environment. The average number of web application attacks is 61.4 among on-premise customers and 27.8 on service provider customers. The report finds that web application attacks remain the most significant threat for service provider environments with 53 percent of customers affected. The majority of attacks were perpetrated using common and freely available tools.


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