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by Shaun Waterman

October 2, 2012

Researchers from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed malicious software that can remotely seize control of the camera on an infected smartphone and employ it to spy on the phone's user.

The malware, dubbed "PlaceRaider," "allows remote hackers to reconstruct rich, three-dimensional models of the smartphone owner's personal indoor spaces through completely opportunistic use of the camera," the researchers said in a study published last week. The program uses images from the camera and positional information from the smartphone's gyroscopic and other sensors to map spaces the phone's user spends a lot of time in, such as a home or office.


by Shawn K. Hall

July 16, 2011

Without a complete understanding of the methodology of viruses you are at significant risk when you "think" you are safe.

Do not engage in "promiscuous" activity. "Trust" is real - every site you visit, every file you download, and every application you install places files on your computer. If you visit a site of "questionable" nature - anything and everything on the site should be considered untrustworthy.

by Shawn K. Hall

December 5, 2004

Antivirus programs can not protect you from this type of virus because the attack occurs before the context of the worm has entered a static (file or mapped memory) state.

In other words - because the worm does not really exist in the same terms as what the anti-virus "expects," your anti-virus software will be incapable of detecting the virus until *after* the virus has had the opportunity to do what it was designed to do.

by Shawn K. Hall

December 5, 2004

Even if you have a *current* antivirus package installed the viruses that you may receive will probably not be detected by it. There are literally *dozens* of new viruses discovered *every day*.

Most of the viruses circulating today are the one's that utilize new exploits, or new implementations of older exploits that the older scanners are not capable of detecting. What Antivirus Programs are Available'

by Sheldon Richman

July 7, 2013

Or did he simply act against unjust legislation? Most people believe that Edward Snowden, who has confirmed that the U.S. government spies on us, broke the law. Even many of his defenders concede this.

While in one sense the statement "Snowden broke the law" may be trivially true, in another, deeper sense it is untrue. He may have violated the terms of legislation passed by Congress and signed by a president (criminal intent would have to be proved), but a venerable line of thought says legislation is not the same thing as law. (F.A. Hayek drew the distinction, obviously, in Law, Legislation, and Liberty, volume 1: "Unlike law itself, which has never been 'invented' in the same sense, the invention of legislation came relatively late in the history of mankind.") Legislation may reflect the law, but it may also contradict it. In this line of thought, which dates back to antiquity, "law" refers to natural law. Any legislative product that conflicts with the natural law, so this philosophical tradition holds, is no law at all.

by Sheldon Richman

June 23, 2013

We may have more to fear from spies acting out of patriotic zeal than those acting out of power lust or economic interest.

You need not suspect the motives of those responsible for NSA surveillance to detest what they are doing. In fact, we may have more to fear from spies acting out of patriotic zeal than those acting out of power lust or economic interest: Zealots are more likely to eschew restraints that might compromise their righteous cause. For the sake of argument, we may assume that from President Obama on down, government officials sincerely believe that gathering Americans' telephone and Internet data is vital to the people's security. Does that make government spying okay? No, it doesn't.

by Shelly Palmer

August 12, 2013

While it's convenient to have Chrome save your logins and passwords, anyone can see all your saved info with just a few clicks, simply by heading into Chrome's settings.

All you'd need to do to uncover a saved password is click "Show" next to the associated site. That's all it takes. Other major browsers, like Mozilla's Firefox, have built-in 'Master Password' features, which require further authentication before revealing any saved passwords. While it doesn't seem like Google is rushing to change this security oversight, there are third-party options you should look into if your computer is used by anyone else you don't completely trust; programs like RoboForm link to your browsers and store your login information more securely behind a master password. A dedicated enough hacker will uncover your saved passwords no matter how secure they are, but do you really want to leave the front door unlocked for anyone to walk in?

Commtouch Cafe

by Simone Leyendecker

March 20, 2013

Where does outbound spam come from? Outbound spam emails coming from service provider networks typically originate from several sources.

Blocked IP ranges resulting in customer loss, operational cost increases, brand damage and even potential lawsuits are potential negative consequences service providers face as a result of spam, phishing and malware emails emanating from their networks.

WordPress News at

by Siobhan

August 8, 2011

A few days ago this gem of a plugin landed in the inbox of one of our developers. Barry runs WP Plugins, one of our sister sites - a place for developers to sell their plugins.

"Facebook Fans Generator is a simple module through which your visitors will be automatically added to your fans on Facebook. Suppose your website is visited 1000 people per day of which 75% of visitors (according to statistics), has exactly in the same moment an open Facebook, you gain in one day 750 fans!" Wow! Nice! How about that? You can get all of your visitors to be your fans on Facebook! Sounds a big fishy, right?

WordPress News at

by Siobhan

June 30, 2011

Denis Sinegubko, a malware researcher and the developer of Unmask Parasites, a tool to help you find security vulnerabilities and hidden content on your website.

Denis took a few moments to do an interview with me about the new PHP and MySQL requirements for WordPress 3.2. Here's what he had to say...


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